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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Sleep Deprived, Time Wasted Day....

Well today must have been the most wasted day
of the year. It was the first time I went to college
empty handed coz I left my bag in John's car
as I followed his car to play badminton at TTDI
and left with Joe. I had only slept 4 hours for the
day as I "boiled" anime till 3.30am and then woke
up at 7am. Was pretty stoned and had to bring the
dog out.. luckily didn't pokai...

The first thing on arriving in college was to get a
seat in the library as there was a lot of people fighting
for cubicles in the library I took one and borrowed
a few sheets of notes from Lie Kim to reserve another
cubicle for Amy. Unfortunately a rude fat girl took the
notes away and sat her ass down in the cubicle.. how
rude of her... well in the end I gave up my cubicle to
Amy as I wasn't really gonna study anyway, just
slept at the big tables out front and then went for the
DESCO (Department of Economics Student Council)
meeting talked about some stuff and ended at 2.

I had earlier on planned a event packed day... I planned
to sleep in the morning then go for the DESCO meeting
and then go movie thought of calling Pik Wah and
Yee Mun as they had no classes then go for my
ex-colleagues farewell dinner at KLCC. I even woke
Pik Wah and Yee Mun up at 12pm to make sure they
had enough time to prepare...however YM set the
condition that she would only go if PW went. To further
make things worse PW didn't had transport. Initally
I thought of taking the bus to 1 Utama and they drive
there. I came up with a solution by stealing Kenneth's
car (not actually stealing my bro lend me willingly)
but when I messaged Pik Wah she said she went out
with her father to eat and don't know wat time going
back to her house.. stressed...send so many sms also
don't wan to give face.. finally had to cancel the plan...
fricking sad and depressed.. Really was frustrated and
felt like being let go aeroplane...(I am really anti-ffk,
it really gets on my nerve when someone ffk's me...)
Wanted to sleep in library but no cubicles and no tables
damn frustrated...finally found a empty table near the
photostat counter...was sleeping when noah called my
hp...he was at the pc row and could have seen me if
he just turned around..frickin pissed at having my sleep
interupted curse and curse.. till kenneth also suprised
and say he won't every wake me up when i'm sleeping..
(its not that I meant it but when I reach the fine line
between trying to sleep and sleeping I normally fly into
a rage if I was waken up for nothing guys
and gals don't try me...u'll be suprised at what i'll say)

Woke up and yamch with the guys at 4 till 5.30 before
going down to KLCC Chilli's of all places.. getting sick of
Had too much Cheese filled food...fell like going
on a
cheese diet...

After the dinner hitched a ride home with my manager,
Vivian and upon arriving home found the power point
file that I did for my dad's friend was missing and will
have to re-do it tomorrow... stressed... Hopefully
tomorrow John is coming to college and I'll get my bag headphones are in there and without them
my iPod is useless... all in all today really feels like the

end of the world is coming...and hopelessness envelopes
me through and through...