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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday... Monday... Wat Have I been doing...

A brief summary of what I did on Sunday...
Woke up at 8.30, took the dog out, cook
an instant mee for breakfast and found out
it has beef as its ingredients so was forced
to cook another mee again. (I can eat beef
as I was given for adoption to the Goddess of
Mercy when I was small to protect me as I had
high fever) After eating the noodles, started
ironing the basket full of clothes which has
been pilling up since before CNY. Stopped
ironing at 1pm and had to do some minor washing
and also mop the floor again. Was tired so
took a nap till 5.30 where I woke up to take the
dog out, fetch my sis from the lrt station and
bathe and went out for dinner. Came back from
dinner and watch the All England Doubles Finals
before going online and finally sleeping at 11.30pm

As to what I did for today, woke up at 7am,
walked the dog, went for college at 7.45am.
Reached college at 8.45am, had my usual
kopi panas at the ground floor mamak before
heading to class at 10am. Was in class for
the first half before going to yamcha with
Gary and Yee Mun . Then went for lunch at 1
to Hock Lee's with Noah, Alex, Kenneth, Jia
Wei, Gary, Yee Mun and Pik Wah. After lunch
found out that the other guys class was
cancelled so we stuffed 6 guys into Noah's
car to go to main block. The six being
Me, Noah, Alex, Kenneth, Jia Wei Ernest
in a iswara. (SOrry no pics, was too cramped
to take any) Headed to netmaster in DJ as usual
and takei till 6 before going home and finally
reaching home at 7.30pm. Did some tidying up
and stuff before coming online to post this...

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