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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Traffic outside my garden...

Today morning as I was waiting for Ernest to pick up me
up from the main road of Taman Midah, I noticed that
the traffic jam was worse then usual as can be seen in
the pics i took to kill time while waiting for ernest who
as usual is late due to the incompetent traffic cops at
the Makro roundabout..

Here's a few pics of the jam in front of Taman Midah:

The inner road in Taman Midah is a shortcut for most
cars to jump a few km in front of the jam but there
are those idiot who want to jump even further ahead
by going into the lane for the opposite direction...
really hate those who don't know how to drive properly.
Was wishing that the traffic police would set up a block
to catch those idiots... Here's one idiot right here...

Notice the black Myvi entering with two huge
no entry signs....

After Ernest picked me up, I was in for a suprise...
What do you know, it so happened that there was
a police block at the end of the opposite traffic flow..
Was laughing my head off at all the idiots who were
caught..too bad i wasn't fast enough to snap a pic to
show everyone....

Well that's all for now...

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