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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tat Men's Washing of Dust.... (Chinese Direct Translation)

It was on last Saturday nite that my old secondary school
buddy Tat Men threw a clubbing outing and sponsored it fully.
4 bottles of Chivas and an apartment above Coffee Bean. He
sponsored 300 GBP for that nite... and it was like a coming
home of sorts... He was the fastest among my secondary school
buddies to get a Degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of
Science and is now working in the UK, Nottingham (Derby)
to be exact.. (Happy now Tat??)

Next month when my exams are over, anotehr of my secondary
school friend, Stan Wong will be coming back for a holiday..
Yo... bro if ur reading this blog i'll be expecting you
to outdo Tat Men since it's ur Birthday
bring enough Aussies with ya....lolz

Here are some pics of what happened that nite at Poppy's
unfortunately Tat Men wasn't in the photo...

Me and Yee Mun

Jeffrey with his hypnotizing light...wahahaha

Choon Weng, Sze Lynn & Kenny

The Newest Couple from S.A.D: Alfred and Jessycca

The traffic pile up beneath the apartment...
Waited till 4.30am b4 it cleared...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday.... 8 days to Finals!!!

I went to college today to renew my books (which I've
been hogging like for almost half the year already).
Studied despite the comfortable weather which made me
miss my bed so much... :( In the afternoon got dragged
by Ernest and ended up in DJ Netmaster and takei till
6pm before having dinner next door.

We then went to the A & W in Taman Jaya to study... for
once I followed the guys as there was a LRT station
nearby and I could leave on myself... Reached there and
started work at 7pm studied till 9pm before leaving for
home... The guys continued staying on most probably till
12am or something.. Ernest was even joking saying that
they'll head down to Klang to get bak kut teh at 4am...

The guys all serious and stuff... how often do u see them like this??

The funny thing about the A & W there was there was a lot
of houseflies hovering around... Don't understand how a
fast food restaurant can have so unhygienic... :(
Ernest who was quite distracted tried to catch the
housefly a few times and managed to catch one in the end
hence the pic below...

Ernest with his "Gotcha Pose" he showed the true action for the
Chinese Saying "Pak Wu Ying"

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Sleepless Night for a Sleep Addict

I made a resolution to study late last night as I
didn't do much for the day... So after my dinner,
I straight away slept from 8pm to 9.30pm to get
enough rest. I normally average 5 hours of sleep
on weekdays. Took my bath and ate some oranges for
a healthy dose of Vitamin C.. Went online for a
while before starting studies. I decided to get
a extra boost so I took two packs of Old Town
3 in 1 Coffee and mixed it into a single cup...

When I started studying, my stomach felt funny...
It was then that I realised that I ate oranges
earlier on and it would have made my stomach empty
when I downed the coffee. So it left me with a
weird feeling as if something was rolling around in
my stomach.. felt like vomitting at a certain point
of time if I didn't sit up straight...

Continued studying till 3am before going down and
cooking a bowl of maggi mee to fill my stomach..
Went back up to sleep as I planned to to leave
house at 9am for the college library the next
morning... To my suprise I was wide awake.. couldn't
sleep and my mind was so active thought about lots
of stuff among them, renovating my room, my future,
how to improve my CV, my job employment prospects,
relationship stuff, friends, holidays and many
others which have slipped my mind.. Only started to
doze off at 7am but then i kept sleeping for a while
and then suddenly waking up in short cycles...
finally gave up and woke up at 8.15am.. Yup one and
a half hours of sleep... But I damn hyper... hitched
a ride from Alfred to college as he was doing
installation at Pantai Bangsar... Studied non stop
and I meant non-stop no usual dozing off and stuff..
Finally called it a day at 5pm and went home...

Upon arriving home straight away crashed on my bed
and slept from 6pm till 10pm. Then woke up and had
my dinner... and now onlining typing this...

The lesson for the day is... Old Town Coffee really
keeps u awake and when in need of staying awake
try this combo... take an orange or two and then after
2 hours, drink 2 satchets of coffee in a cup... its a
combo I know i'll avoid unless it is the nite before

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Guys Nite Out... I know, I know it sounds damn Gay... :p

It was Tuesday night and I had already made the resoulution
to stay at home and be a good boy... I told myself that I
wouldn't be going out anymore before the finals with the
exception of one nite when my friend (Tat Men) will be back
from the UK...

I received a call from Joe asking me out to just have a
normal "yamcha" session which did not involve any alcohol,
clubbing, pool, dota, snooker and other such stuff... just
plain old yamcha. He was damn stoned and was driving around
on the LDP as he didn't want to stay at home. I ended up
agreeing and managed to negotiate with my dad for the Vios
by saying i'll be back by 12am...

Met up with him behind Steven's Corner and then proceeded
to pick Noah up and went to a Cafe called Happy Cafe in
Happy Garden... doesn't necessarily mean that everyone
there will be happy though... ;) we had normal drinks
and a plate of french fries as we sat there talking crap.
However Noah then suggested a change in place and I ended
up suggesting Cheras Business Center as I was itching
for some Tom Yam soup and Siew See Hum (Burnt Cockles)...

Dropped Noah off at his house so that he could pick up
his car and we headed off to Cheras... Upon arriving we
called Ernest out as well and ordered a Tom Yam soup
and siew see hum.... was damn delicious although the
serving size of the soup was much more smaller then it
used to be... We ended up having two bowls of see hum
between me, Noah and Ernest coz Joe didn't really eat
see hum. Noah was so high on see hum he ordered an
additional bowl just for himself... sweatz...

The plate containing all the see hum I ate... :)

The remains of our Thai style yamcha session

After Noah finished his see hum we called it a night and
I reached home by 1am... ;) went online and then read
a few pages from the story book before going to sleep...

I'm a story book addict....

On Sunday as me and my family was on our way to my grandparent's
home in Kepong, we stopped over at the Times Bookshop Warehouse
Clearance Sale in PJ. Wasn't really interested in buying any books
given the close proximity of my finals... Suprisingly there was
quite a huge crowd and there were a lot of books on sale going
for prices as low as RM2 to the usual best sellers at their over
inflated price.

At first I told myself that I wouldn't buy any books as I would
surely read them non-stop until I finish them and would have
wasted hours meant for studying... but unfortunately the temptation
of getting a book under my parent's tab was too tempting and I
gave into it. I got a Tom Clancy book, entitled Bio Strike

Managed to keep my hand off the book on Sunday however given the
two public holidays, I ended up reading and finishing all 453 pages
of the book within 3 days... Well once I get started I would like
to finish it ASAP so that I can get my normal scheduled studies
back on track...

Overall the book was quite interesting and was a good way to
pass time instead of just rotting around in the house...