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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Guys Nite Out... I know, I know it sounds damn Gay... :p

It was Tuesday night and I had already made the resoulution
to stay at home and be a good boy... I told myself that I
wouldn't be going out anymore before the finals with the
exception of one nite when my friend (Tat Men) will be back
from the UK...

I received a call from Joe asking me out to just have a
normal "yamcha" session which did not involve any alcohol,
clubbing, pool, dota, snooker and other such stuff... just
plain old yamcha. He was damn stoned and was driving around
on the LDP as he didn't want to stay at home. I ended up
agreeing and managed to negotiate with my dad for the Vios
by saying i'll be back by 12am...

Met up with him behind Steven's Corner and then proceeded
to pick Noah up and went to a Cafe called Happy Cafe in
Happy Garden... doesn't necessarily mean that everyone
there will be happy though... ;) we had normal drinks
and a plate of french fries as we sat there talking crap.
However Noah then suggested a change in place and I ended
up suggesting Cheras Business Center as I was itching
for some Tom Yam soup and Siew See Hum (Burnt Cockles)...

Dropped Noah off at his house so that he could pick up
his car and we headed off to Cheras... Upon arriving we
called Ernest out as well and ordered a Tom Yam soup
and siew see hum.... was damn delicious although the
serving size of the soup was much more smaller then it
used to be... We ended up having two bowls of see hum
between me, Noah and Ernest coz Joe didn't really eat
see hum. Noah was so high on see hum he ordered an
additional bowl just for himself... sweatz...

The plate containing all the see hum I ate... :)

The remains of our Thai style yamcha session

After Noah finished his see hum we called it a night and
I reached home by 1am... ;) went online and then read
a few pages from the story book before going to sleep...


Hengster said...

call me when you guys have any more gay night out. Better still if its shuffling...

Baby Princess said...

wah.. u still read story book at 1am..

i can't even open my eyes to read study guide.