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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I'm a story book addict....

On Sunday as me and my family was on our way to my grandparent's
home in Kepong, we stopped over at the Times Bookshop Warehouse
Clearance Sale in PJ. Wasn't really interested in buying any books
given the close proximity of my finals... Suprisingly there was
quite a huge crowd and there were a lot of books on sale going
for prices as low as RM2 to the usual best sellers at their over
inflated price.

At first I told myself that I wouldn't buy any books as I would
surely read them non-stop until I finish them and would have
wasted hours meant for studying... but unfortunately the temptation
of getting a book under my parent's tab was too tempting and I
gave into it. I got a Tom Clancy book, entitled Bio Strike

Managed to keep my hand off the book on Sunday however given the
two public holidays, I ended up reading and finishing all 453 pages
of the book within 3 days... Well once I get started I would like
to finish it ASAP so that I can get my normal scheduled studies
back on track...

Overall the book was quite interesting and was a good way to
pass time instead of just rotting around in the house...

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