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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Once In A Blue Moon....

Yo... hey everyone... not sure whether there are still anyone checking
my blog since its been abandoned for quite some time due to
circumstances beyond my control...

It's already 3 months after my finals and i'm considered as graduated.
After coming back from my Lang Tengah trip in June, I was kicked out
of the house by my dad... (JUST KIDDING) ;) what actually happened
was my younger bro took over my room and i went over to my aunt's
condo to live in. I have limited time to online at home and my aunt's
place doesn't have a PC so i can't update this blog of mine...

After 3rd week of holidaying and partying.. I went to an employment
agency for a job interview for the post of Management Trainee at
Sony Supply Chain Solutions Malaysia (SSCSM) Here's the sequence of.
events which I got hired:

I'm using X as the day as I forgotten the actual date already and am too
lazy to look at the calendar.. ;)

X day Alex (my 2ndary school buddy) after yamcha said he will give
the employment agency my hp no

X+1 day Adecco the employment agency called me up for an interview

X+2 day Sony HR call's up for any interview

X+3 day Sony HR tell's me that I'm hired...

Monday (2nd of July)
X+6 day I start my first day at SSCSM

It's been 2 months since working in SSCSM....
I'm attached to the warehouse division and support the operations of
Sony Malaysia which is based in MidValley (all those who have went
to find parking in Mid Valley at H Parking Lot and on the 4th Floor
have no doubt seen the car park spaces reserved for them)
I'm currently working 8.30am to 8.30pm... 12 hours a day on weekdays
on Saturdays, I work from 8.30am to 3 or 4pm...

SSCSM is located in Bandar Baru Bangi which sound very far.. everytime
I tell people I'm working in Bangi their eyes will go huge with unbelief...
It's actually quite near about 25km drive and it takes me about 20 minutes
to get there in the mornings and about 30 minutes to get home as the
road there is on the opposite of the peak traffic flow...

Working in a warehouse is a totally different environment from
a desk job.. It's quite warm and hot in here.. by 9am in the morning my
body's soaked with so much sweat and stickiness that I wished I could
go home and bath already.. the first thing I think of after clocking out
after work is to take a bath... There is also a lot of manual labour
involve.... I won't be going into specifics but let's just say that I'm
getting loads of exercise everyday...

I can't show any photos of how the warehouse looks like in case I get
sued for disclosing sensitive information... It's a finished goods
warehouse so it is a prime target for robberies as the goods are all
high value goods.... Imagine a memory stick which is worth rm200
in the market now and imagine 10,000 of them in a 30cm by 30cm
box... Just imagine how much such a small box is worth... There are
cameras on the traffic lights around the Bangi area just for the
security of the container trucks heading in and out...

However being a finshed goods warehouse, I see all the products
which are meant for sale in Malaysia... whenever you see a Sony
product in shopping complexes or electrical shops, it most
probably has my fingerprints on itor has been seen first by me..
and even my sweat may be on them too... ;)

There's another month to go in the Management Trainee programme
before I need to do a presentation before the Management and they'll
decide whether I'm good enough for them... or I'll decide whether
they are good enough for me...

Well that's as much as I can say in a single breath and hope I kept you
entertained enough to read till this last sentence...

I'm not sure when I'll have another chance to post again but do drop