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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Sleep Deprived, Time Wasted Day....

Well today must have been the most wasted day
of the year. It was the first time I went to college
empty handed coz I left my bag in John's car
as I followed his car to play badminton at TTDI
and left with Joe. I had only slept 4 hours for the
day as I "boiled" anime till 3.30am and then woke
up at 7am. Was pretty stoned and had to bring the
dog out.. luckily didn't pokai...

The first thing on arriving in college was to get a
seat in the library as there was a lot of people fighting
for cubicles in the library I took one and borrowed
a few sheets of notes from Lie Kim to reserve another
cubicle for Amy. Unfortunately a rude fat girl took the
notes away and sat her ass down in the cubicle.. how
rude of her... well in the end I gave up my cubicle to
Amy as I wasn't really gonna study anyway, just
slept at the big tables out front and then went for the
DESCO (Department of Economics Student Council)
meeting talked about some stuff and ended at 2.

I had earlier on planned a event packed day... I planned
to sleep in the morning then go for the DESCO meeting
and then go movie thought of calling Pik Wah and
Yee Mun as they had no classes then go for my
ex-colleagues farewell dinner at KLCC. I even woke
Pik Wah and Yee Mun up at 12pm to make sure they
had enough time to prepare...however YM set the
condition that she would only go if PW went. To further
make things worse PW didn't had transport. Initally
I thought of taking the bus to 1 Utama and they drive
there. I came up with a solution by stealing Kenneth's
car (not actually stealing my bro lend me willingly)
but when I messaged Pik Wah she said she went out
with her father to eat and don't know wat time going
back to her house.. stressed...send so many sms also
don't wan to give face.. finally had to cancel the plan...
fricking sad and depressed.. Really was frustrated and
felt like being let go aeroplane...(I am really anti-ffk,
it really gets on my nerve when someone ffk's me...)
Wanted to sleep in library but no cubicles and no tables
damn frustrated...finally found a empty table near the
photostat counter...was sleeping when noah called my
hp...he was at the pc row and could have seen me if
he just turned around..frickin pissed at having my sleep
interupted curse and curse.. till kenneth also suprised
and say he won't every wake me up when i'm sleeping..
(its not that I meant it but when I reach the fine line
between trying to sleep and sleeping I normally fly into
a rage if I was waken up for nothing guys
and gals don't try me...u'll be suprised at what i'll say)

Woke up and yamch with the guys at 4 till 5.30 before
going down to KLCC Chilli's of all places.. getting sick of
Had too much Cheese filled food...fell like going
on a
cheese diet...

After the dinner hitched a ride home with my manager,
Vivian and upon arriving home found the power point
file that I did for my dad's friend was missing and will
have to re-do it tomorrow... stressed... Hopefully
tomorrow John is coming to college and I'll get my bag headphones are in there and without them
my iPod is useless... all in all today really feels like the

end of the world is coming...and hopelessness envelopes
me through and through...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Days goes by...

It has been an unproductive day for me today...
Was at the Sri Petaling Lrt Station in the
morning to hitch a ride from Noah but he ended
up 30 minutes late as Alex couldn't find his
house keys. Then had dim sum for breakfast before
heading onwards to college.

Arrived at college around 9.30am and started work
in the library as I had only allocated 4 more days
to study auditing. Was in the library till 10.30
when Yee Mun messaged saying that MSM class had
a break. Ended up in the staircase with Gary,
Choon Weng, Pik Wah, Kenneth and Yee Mun chatting
around. I left them to join Suet Mun and Lie Kim
at E & C as I had earlier promised them after that
went back to the staircase and still find all the
guys and gals chatting there as they sitted at
the staircase just chatting till the MSM class
ended and they went to get their bags.

We then went over to main block as Pik Wah drove
us to MidValley for lunch. PW's car was blocked
by a Naza Citra but luckily the fella had the
right mind to put his car in neutral and didn't
put his handbrake on and we could push the car
to allow PW to drive out. If he/she didn't did
that, I'm sure CW would have smashed his

Upon arriving in Mid Valley we had to spend
almost 30 minutes to confirm where we were
going for lunch and finally decided on La Manila
which is next to Little Vietnam. YM & PW's friend
Celine joined us and then only PW told us that the
girls were going shopping after lunch...
(felt like going aboard a pirate ship). We then
followed Lyn, PW & YM around MidValley and had a
side expedition of going round Midvalley Carpark
trying to locate Lyn's car.

Pik Wah then kindly dropped me at college for me
to collect my stuff and then dropped me off at
Damansara Jaya where I joined the guys for a
takei session till 7.30pm. Reached home at 8.40pm.
Promised myself that I'll stay awake till 3am
to study and catch up for lost time... keeping
my fingers crossed that I'm able to do it...

Friday, March 23, 2007

K Day

Today I was in the library at 9.30am when I suddenly got
a call from a local landline which I do not know. It turned
out to be from Yee seems that she lost her purse
when she went clubbing the nite before (hmph see go
clubbing without me lah...see wat happen :p)
She lost her chocolate (LG hp), IC and some cash but her
most precious belongings weren't the hp or the IC or the
cash.. it was her sms'es and contacts...(YM is a sms, blog,
clubbing addict) I was using my handsfree which is one
of those like headphones and was outside the library
when Pik Wah came after the FR class and i told her to
listen in with her using one side and me the other... It
looked so funny as people were coming in and out of the
lifts seeing a guy and girl sharing headphones talking and
laughing... YM didn't slept after clubbing upon knowing
her losses, she made a police report, got a replacement
sim card and also went to Pusat Bandar Damansara to
get a new IC. Then went home and contacted those whose
hp no's she remembered (I'm one of the lucky few...Yay..)

She then said that find plans for the night as she was going
to sleep the afternoon away... unfortunately for her,
Pik Wah used her as a shield saying that if Yee Mun went
to sing karaoke only she would go... this caused YM to get
calls from both Ernest and Gary calling her to go and
making her feel guilty...YM finally collapsed and said she
was going. In the end it was Me, Ernest, Gary, Pik Wah,
Yee Mun, Joe, Alex and Kenneth who sang karaoke in
Neway, 1 Utama from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. Was crazy
as Ernest entertained with his silly antics and hand
gestures and Gary with his hyper activeness... YM
didn't have a chance to catch any rest... caused she
was wakened up by Ernest or Gary whenever she dozed
off... She also had to attend a friends birthday party at
7pm... what a marathon of events to attend... Well hoped
she manages to reach home early and get enough sleep..

Joe demonstrated how to open a locked toilet door with
a 20 cent coin in the Karaoke Room...and Gary tried it
a few times till the lock finally jam and couldn't open...
It was quite a hassle as we had to walk down one floor
to get to the nearest toilet... :( Hopefully they won't try
it anymore in the future. After karaoke, Alex and Kenneth
went off to join Noah and Pei Yin to study at Burger King
in Hartamas...hope they really made progress... as for me
I arrived home at 7.20, had my dinner, slept a while and
then bathe and now posting this on my blog so that
someone who has a lot of free time can read the crap I
write... u know who u are... :p

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Traffic outside my garden...

Today morning as I was waiting for Ernest to pick up me
up from the main road of Taman Midah, I noticed that
the traffic jam was worse then usual as can be seen in
the pics i took to kill time while waiting for ernest who
as usual is late due to the incompetent traffic cops at
the Makro roundabout..

Here's a few pics of the jam in front of Taman Midah:

The inner road in Taman Midah is a shortcut for most
cars to jump a few km in front of the jam but there
are those idiot who want to jump even further ahead
by going into the lane for the opposite direction...
really hate those who don't know how to drive properly.
Was wishing that the traffic police would set up a block
to catch those idiots... Here's one idiot right here...

Notice the black Myvi entering with two huge
no entry signs....

After Ernest picked me up, I was in for a suprise...
What do you know, it so happened that there was
a police block at the end of the opposite traffic flow..
Was laughing my head off at all the idiots who were
caught..too bad i wasn't fast enough to snap a pic to
show everyone....

Well that's all for now...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Badminton Mania....

Today has been a tiring day for me.. my legs are so numb especially
my toes...
Have been itching to play badminton for a while now
especially given our
Malaysian's doubles (KKK &TBH) sucess in the
international tournaments,
not to mention the unpredictable weather
forcing me to cut short my
basketball games in college. In fact it just
dawned on me that I haven't
been actively playing badminton since
primary school as my secondary
school didn't really have a court and
I was mostly into basketball then...

I tried having a badminton session last week but due to the lack of
had to cancel it. However today I finally managed to gather
enough people
to have a fun game. At first thought of playing at TTDI
where I used to play
with Nim and Shakira and yesterday I had a
headcount of 7 people
Me, Joe, Nim, Shakira, Choon Weng, Pik Wah
& Yee Mun so we decided to
book two courts from 2-4pm. However
due to an unfortunate event, i.e.
PW falling sick and YM lost her
transportation, plus CW's house in Sri Muda
was flooded last night,
we had only 4 people playing at TTDI with 2 courts.
Luckily the court
rental was quite cheap at RM4 an hour. Shakira also brought
her mom
to play with us and it was quite fun though we really only utilised one


After playing from 2-4pm at TTDI, me and Joe shifted venues to
YM & PW's
friend Nigel's place which was in Taman SEA. There we met
up with CW and
YM's friend Nigel and Lyn (sorry couldn't remember her
actual full name) :)
We had a mix match and played doubles until 6pm.
Won a couple of matches
lost a couple... it was quite fun watching YM
getting ordered around like a
chess piece by her son, Joe. Lyn was quite
funny and Nigel was quite good
at badminton. Looking forward to play
with these guys real soon...
(My fingers are crossed) Choon Weng was
cool and Joe was his usual
trickster style with his drop shots and net play.

After the game me, Joe, CW & YM went to William's to have a drink
(They had their drink while I had my dinner) Then Joe dropped me
off at Kelana Jaya at 8.10pm and I managed to reach home dead tired at
9.20pm. Nearly missed my stop at Masjid Jamek as I was already dozing
eventhough I was blasting my headphones... And here I am waiting to
be fully
exhausted that I can crash on my bed and sleep like a log till next

Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Eventful Day....

Today was quite an eventful day compared with other usual
thursdays. I reached college at 8.30am and as usual went
to the ground floor mamak where I met up with Win Fei.
I went into the library at 9am (they have started checking
students for their IDs as there has been a lot of thefts
happening lately in the library). Put down my stuff and
went to have breakfast with my secondary school friend
Mathew and his girlfriend. Joe came and joined me in
Hock Lee's later I went with him back to Wisma Help but
there was no parking in the main block and the DBKL
people were issuing summonses at the illegal parking
area. Joe was going back to main block when suddenly
a car came out in front of him in the free parking
area. It was suck luck.. Joe thought of buying 4D already.

Back in the library I studied my audit stuff managed to
finish chapter 2 of theoretical stuff regarding auditing
postulates and concepts. Went with Gary, Choon Weng,
Pik Wah and Yee Mun plus Pik Wah's friend Kenny to Sri Emas.
Had lunch there and Gary discovered that Kenny shared the
same surname as his (HEW) and once stayed in Shah Alam,
plays Dota, has 'sepet' eyes and very thin... In fact he
say's that both of them are very alike. It was raining
when we left and we were trapped at UOA. We just sat outside
the steps listening to music and talking about the different
songs. Noah called and asked me to dota... he eventually
came over to Wisma UOA to pick us up and dropped us off
at Wisma Help. I then packed my stuff and went with him
to Damansara Jaya.

We agreed to play two hours and we'll go back... but after
the two hours were up, Jia Wei called and say he was coming
over and we had to wait for him. Ernest (the guy I tumpang
kereta back to Cheras) didn't drove his car and we had to
depend on the hardcore kaki's and so we stayed for 2 hours.
After another 2 hours we finally managed to escape when
Noah decided he had enough too and would drop us back to
main block. Thus begins "Noah: A Series of Unfortunate Events"

It began with Noah finding out that someone knocked into his
front bumper and the headlight and bumper were a little
askew. Then he found out that he forgot to turn off his
headlights causing his battery to run flat and couldn't
start his car. He called Jia Wei to park his car in front
of his so that he could jump start the car. He then went
out to get the jump cables from his boot but in his haste,
he left the car keys in ignition and lock himself out of
his car...!!! We were laughing our socks off... He then
went to the nearby stationary shop to get a steel ruler
and push it down into the passenger side window to
unlock the door. (Its a common fact that certain cars can
be unlock by pushing a piece pf steel into the gap between
the window and door which is normally covered by a plastic
piece). After unlocking the door he jumpstarted the car
and we were on our way home.

Noah's car with the jump cable in front

Jia Wei's car in position but Noah is locked
out of his car...

Noah breaking into his own car....

Ernest posing with the sucessfully opened door

Alex posing with the sucessfully jump-started car

Reach home at 9.30pm and was changing my clothes when I felt
something liquid in my nose. It turned out that I had a nose
bleed due to several possible reasons:

1. Heatiness
2. Stress of Exams
3. Stress of getting pawned in Dota
4. Stress of discussing where to go during our holidays...

I had to lie down with tissue stuck in my nose and a pack
of ice over my head for about 15 minutes before the bleeding
stopped and I took my bath and am typing this post now... :)
Well that's all... till the next crapping...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday is gone....

Today I reached college at 8.30am and had my usual drink
and waited for my macha, Kenneth as he bungkus nasi lemak
for me today. I sat at ground floor mamak until 10am,
sit until my backside also numb...

I then went for POB class and confirmed with Pik Wah and
Yee Mun that we would be catching 300 at MidValley. I
left class in the middle and went with Joe to meet up
with Gary in advance to buy the tickets for the movie.
Pik Wah and Yee Mun decided to go back into POB. There
was a long queue for the tickets and it turned out that
Pik Wah and Yee Mun did not go back into POB.. :p We
almost couldn't get student price for someone who I will
not name as she didn't renew her student ID, luckily
Joe came to the rescue as he had his ID and had already
watched the movie.

We then wasted a lot of time deciding where to eat from
Oasis, Food Junction, Madam Kwan's, Oh Sushi and finally
settled on Sushi King. There Yee Mun and Gary dared each
other to eat wasabi...turned out Yee Mun was on the
losing end, but me and Pik Wah had pre-food entertainment
looking at Gary's face after he ate his sushi with wasabi.
Pictures as shown as below:

Yee Mun messing up the sushi...

Yee Mun playing with her food...
(Didn't ur mother tell u not to play
with ur food???)

Gary demonstrating how a man takes

Before the effects kick in....

Gary got ownz....!!!

We then went for the movie at 2pm, sat in the center 2 rows
from the screen, first time in a long time since Shaolin
Soccer that I was so near the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed
the movie and recommend everyone to watch it though some
girls may find the CGI a little too gory. It really leaves
one with a good feeling after the movie. We then hanged out
at Coffee Bean where Me, Joe, Gary, Yee Mun and Pik Wah
exchanged ghost stories and beliefs till 7pm before leaving.
I went with Gary to his car to get my bag and took the KTM
Kommuter to Tasik Selatan before changing over to Star LRT
and ending up home at 7.50pm. Was really a fun day and for
the moment the stress of the upcoming exams were forgotten...

Monday, March 12, 2007

What's behind an official appology??

Well I'm sure that most of you has heard about the latest
development in Japan where it's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
has questioned the extent of its appology known as the
"Kono Statement" where the then Chief Cabinet Secretary
issued an appology to the so called "comfort women" who
were actually forced to act as wartime sex slaves as
the then Japanese Government wanted to curb the raping
of girls by the soldiers which caused local opposition.
So military brothels were established and girls were
forced to work in there rather then what the Japanese
claim that they work there voluntarily.

Japan's Prime Minister,
Shinzo Abe

The main issue is that why does the Prime Minister
wants to change Japan's official stand on that matter?
Is it to gain support from the Japanese people who has
been losing confidence in him? No one but he and his
political aides will know. Japan has been accused
by several parties including China and South Korea of
falsifying its actions during World War 2 denying the
attrocities its soldiers committed when occupying
foreigh countries.

I have been to Japan last summer and I feel that the
modern Japanese community do not really care much
about denying the attrocities commited during WW2.
They understand that things has been commited which
their government has swept under the rug. They no
longer care whether who was right and who was wrong.
When the US dropped two atom boms into Japan what
mattered was the devastation and lost of lives. I
have visited the Hiroshima Memorial Centre during
my stay in Japan and what I saw nearly made my
tears flow freely ( I had to really make an effort
to hold my tears back twice) The pain and suffering
the Japanese endured make me feel sorry for them
as there was a difference between those who FOUGHT
in the war and those who were TRAPPED in the war.

A Model of Hiroshima City before the A-Bomb

Model of Hiroshima City after the A-bomb landed
(Only 8 building survived, while 3 remain standing
today as a reminder to everyone of the devastation
wrought by the A-bomb)

In my opinion appologies should be made for past
actions and all matters should be put to rest.
There should not be anymore political fighting
over who was right and who was wrong. In the end
when push comes to shove its the citizens who

Children's Peace Monument

Sunday... Monday... Wat Have I been doing...

A brief summary of what I did on Sunday...
Woke up at 8.30, took the dog out, cook
an instant mee for breakfast and found out
it has beef as its ingredients so was forced
to cook another mee again. (I can eat beef
as I was given for adoption to the Goddess of
Mercy when I was small to protect me as I had
high fever) After eating the noodles, started
ironing the basket full of clothes which has
been pilling up since before CNY. Stopped
ironing at 1pm and had to do some minor washing
and also mop the floor again. Was tired so
took a nap till 5.30 where I woke up to take the
dog out, fetch my sis from the lrt station and
bathe and went out for dinner. Came back from
dinner and watch the All England Doubles Finals
before going online and finally sleeping at 11.30pm

As to what I did for today, woke up at 7am,
walked the dog, went for college at 7.45am.
Reached college at 8.45am, had my usual
kopi panas at the ground floor mamak before
heading to class at 10am. Was in class for
the first half before going to yamcha with
Gary and Yee Mun . Then went for lunch at 1
to Hock Lee's with Noah, Alex, Kenneth, Jia
Wei, Gary, Yee Mun and Pik Wah. After lunch
found out that the other guys class was
cancelled so we stuffed 6 guys into Noah's
car to go to main block. The six being
Me, Noah, Alex, Kenneth, Jia Wei Ernest
in a iswara. (SOrry no pics, was too cramped
to take any) Headed to netmaster in DJ as usual
and takei till 6 before going home and finally
reaching home at 7.30pm. Did some tidying up
and stuff before coming online to post this...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Posting For The Sake of Posting

Well I don't really know what to post on the blog, but just
to keep the ball rolling, so here's a play by play of wat I
did on Friday and Saturday for those who do not have
other things to do then to read my blog....

Friday- Had class at 8am. Woke up at 6.15am, left home
at 6.30am, got a lift from my dad to outside midah since
it was still early had breakfast at the outside mamak,
got a lift from Ernest at 6.50am reached college at 7.30am.
Was in FR class till 9.30 when Suet Mun called me to go
LC to carry stuff up as the Accounting Club was having a
food sale as a activity for the HelpUni 21st Anniversary
(Kinda stupid to have such activities in Wisma HELP,
when there's no one there on fridays and saturdays...)
I pulled Gary along and set up the stuff with the other
people...decided not to go for MA and continued helping out
till 1pm where Yee Mun drop by to pull me for lunch, went
with Pik Wah, Noah, Joe and Choon Weng to Sri Emas
before heading back to college to continue helping out
sales was slow after 1pm as there was no classes... Started
closing shop at 3pm and left with Gary, Jia Wei, Yee Mun,
Pei Shan to Alex's house as they went there to play mahjong
and I just went there to chill out and hang around. Was
at Alex's house till 6 before leaving with Gary who
dropped me at the Sri Petaling lrt station. Reached home
with a headache but still had to take the dog out, ate some
fried rice and went straight to sleep till 10.15pm before
waking up to bathe, online, watch astro and studied for
another 2 hours before going to sleep again at 2am.

Saturday-Woke up at 8.30am, took the dog out, got ready
then left house for college at 9am, took the lrt from Bandar
Tun Razak to Masjid Jame. Switch lrt from Masjid Jamek
to KL Sentral and took a bus to college before reaching
college at 10am to find no one but Sim Ling there. We
then waited for the other to arrive before setting up shop.
Business was like whacking house flies (Pak Woo Ying)
as there was technically no one there. Ms. Marilyn gave us
some good news when she said that Rosemary (The UOL
External Studies Director) told her that UOL grads could
now gain exemption till the final part of ACCA( previously
we were only exempted up to 5 papers which was seriusly
shitty) Ms. Marilyn will confirm with ACCA people next
week and now I'm seriously considering working in the
audit line if its true... (I'm keeping my fingers crossed..)
Ah Kit came to perform some magic tricks for a while
as there was not really a crowd there. Then went with him

and Cave to Hock Lee's to have lunch at 1pm. Came back
to college at 2.30pm and studied till 3.30pm when Alex
and Kenneth arrived at the library... studied till 5pm
before calling it a day and reaching home. Reached home
at 6pm and was so tired but dad ordered me to mop the
floor and was fricking tired that I went straight to bed
without dinner before finally waking up at 10pm, to
bathe and have my dinner and online where I' m
posting my blog now...

Well hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day and
I can finally start full steam ahead....

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Day Goes Down the Drain, Well not entirely....

Today as usual I arrived at college at 8.30, had a cup of usual kopi
panas then went to the library to hang around... managed to flipped
through a few pages of my financial reporting guide before going off
to dreamland... woke up when jia wei called me at 10.30 and went
with him and win fei to Hock Lee's ( the only place where you can get
pork around the college) Had a breakfast and then skipped MSM
tutorials... Did a few more pages of the study guide before nodding off
again. Met Gary, Pik Wah, Yee Mun for lunch (actually I just accompanied
them, as I was still full) talk about the usual stuff and nearly went to
watch 300 but due to logistical issues and insufficient participation, it was
just all talk... Went back to the library to crap around with ernest ended
up in ground floor mamak again for drinks... Went up to the library at
3.30pm. Slept in the library till 4.30pm was too hungry but was lazy to
walk to the nearby Roti Man shop. Went to the back part of the library to
look for ppl to drag along with but ended being dragged in into a
conversation Ernest was having with my Heng Dai...

Had a in-depth discussion with my female Heng Dai ( I would like to
stress that I have no Zhi Mui's just Heng Dai's) and Ernest on wat
was lacking in each of us from a girl's point of view. Was quite an
interesting discussion.. I will not reveal wat was said about Ernest
as its a personal matter... but... I am willing to reveal wat was said
about me....

1) I'm make a good friend and can always be counted on...
but in terms of relationship material I have lots of issues to work out

2) I'm very one track minded when I like a girl

3) I'm too thick headed to take 'no' as a answer

4) I know too much of the minor details such as the girl's schedule, bits
and pieces of stuff that migh be creepy and scare off girls...
( I would like to say that it's just a natural knack of mine and I know
a lot of this kind of useless info even about my guy friends like wat's
their timetable, around wat time they arrive college or have breaks...
If only I could remember my studies in such details...I would be a first
class honors student in no time)

5) I do not project a drive to suceed or improve my life..
basically I do not seem to have "bright" future in front of me
(Due to the fact that I'm always sleeping in classes, skipping classes,
always hanging around in the ground floor mamak)

6) I do not have any exceptional stand out characteristics and own point of
I just go with the flow, am not independent and cannot be relied on...
(Basically I'm just not confident enough and do not give girls a sense of
security. I also do not give out an impression that I will be dependable)

There might be a few others which I missed out but the main points give
are up there... Lot's of thanks to my "Heng Dai" for telling me this stuff...
I have realised some of them myself but hearing it from a girl's point of
view confirms my suspicions of my shortcomings

I will however focus more on my exams first and worry about the stuff above
after exams, or I will end up living a bachelor's life in the future if I do not
manage to change one knows...

Well that's all for this posting... my parents just warned me that they'll
lock up the modem during the weekdays if I do not moderate my usage
of the net... So till the next crapping... have a nice day...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Honours Classification...

Today I attended the career fair held at Help Uni College. At first I
thought of just submitting a few of my CVs to the companies setting
up booths there but I was too lazy to edit my previous cover letter
and also do research on the companies's respective vision, values
and stuff...and also due to the fact I played basketball in uni the night
before. I was totally uninterested in doing anything last nite. So in the
end I went empty handed to the career fair.

I talked to a few of the company representatives there and it seems
that it's common nowadays to see that their minimum requirements
are normally 2nd class upper and above. So this brings us to the

Are all universities's classifications the same???

Is a 2nd class upper from University of Cambridge the same as a
2nd class upper from University of Malaya??

There is so much generalisation involved when it comes to evaluating
how well you did for your degree. Each and every university has their
own standards for assigning a classification to students, they have
different syllabus, subjects, examination questions, marking schemes
and etc.... how can you justify that two grads with the same classification
but from different Universities of different rankings be the same??

What's more whether or not you get shortlisted for an interview for that
dream job that you wanted so much, it depends on your degree classification.
It's just too much to bear to think that you might lose out to a grad with a
higher classification than yours but in actual fact the university he came from
may have lower examination standards than the one you came from...

It is just so depressing thinking about it. At first I was very eager to jump at
whatever employment oppurtunities comes knocking on my door but
after a long thought, I still do not know where and what I would like to do
when I graduate...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Day That Never Was...

I kept telling myself that today was the day that I really
started studying and would not laze around anymore but
in the end it was just another day wasted.

I arrived in college at 8.30am and had my usual kopi panas
was suprised that Jia Wei wasn't there so I went up to the
library at 9. Wanted to finish 1984 by George Orwell by
the end of the day... I received a call from Jia Wei at
9.20am asking me to go down ground floor mamak to
teman him... so I just sat there till class at 10am. Went
for the class but didn't listen to Prof Teh as usual and
continued reading 1984. During the break we found out
that Yee Mun won RM30 the nite before so we asked
her to belanja us yamcha at ground floor.

And while hanging out at ground floor we decided not to
go back into class until it was over. We then went for lunch,
we being Me, Choon Weng, Pik Wah & Yee Mun coz Gary
had to FFK us for a meeting... We got into Choon Weng's car
and Yee Mun suggested Bangsar area but no one could decide
a place to eat. I had to open my big mouth and suggested Chilli's
at BSC... ended up spending RM45 for my lunch... luckily Kenneth
paid me RM50 earlier. When I reached back in college at 3pm went
to hang out with Alex, Jia Wei & Kenneth. As predicted they then
went DOTA'ing in DJ at 4pm dragging me along. Played two and half
games... got owned in the first game playing Chaos Knight, had a
better performance in the second game using Morph and couldn't
finish the third game as time expired.

Joe then dropped me at Kelana Jaya and it took me 45min to get home.
I reached home at 8pm had dinner, did some stuff for my dad. Counted
my angpows, bathe, watched tv and created this new blog which I'm
posting till now at 12.30am...

And so there goes anotehr day wasted.....
Well going off now... till the next dose
of crapping

Monday, March 5, 2007

CNY Open House 2007

Well the second post, minus as well get all the stuff written down
before I lose steam..

I held my 3rd Chinese New Year open h
ouse last saturday on
Chor Sap Sei ( the 14th day of CNY where the number 1 sounds
like must and the number 4 sounds like die and together we have
must die) which didn't really soundgood but I was hoping that the
western date of 3rd of March (where the number 3 in cantonese
sounds like live) will hopefully neutralise it somewhat... :)

It took many days of preparation from the initial guest list of 53
people to the actual 40+ people who
actually came on that day.
The estimation of amount of food also had to be adjusted accordingly
Thanks a lot to my aunts and parents who helped in getting the
raw ingredients and necessary cooking.

On that day itself it rained heavily c
ausing logistical problems for me
as I had to shift 50+ chairs and necessary items to my aunt's condo
(I rented my aunt's condo hall) with just a kancil and a mazda 626.
I took one trip while my dad took at least 4 trips to get all the stuff
and food to the hall. Most of my friends got lost and i spent most of
my time giving them directions instea
d of helping set up stuff...

All in all everything went smoothly thought the satay guy delivered
the satay quite late. A few guys were thrown into the pool while
Ms. Marilyn (my accounts lecturer), raising eyebrows by thrashing
a few of the guys at table tennis. Som
e of the Man U and Liverpool
fans watched the game at Nora's house while the rest just mingled

The bonus of the having the open house was in re-establishing
contacts with my primary school friends after so many years,
its suprising to see so many old friends but I didn't really have
time to catch up with them as I was busy running around ensuring
food and drinks were sufficient but hopef
ully with all the contacts
collected I can have a primary school gathering in the distant future.

My College Friends

The open house ended at 11pm while my college friends went
to Alex's house to gamble and my primary school friends went to
Leisure Mall Wong Kok to continue catching up. After shifting all the
stuff back to my house I went to LM Wong Kok till 1 before heading
on to Alex's house... Unfortunately I didn't feel like gambling for money
and most of the guys were playing mahjong which I didn't have a clue
as to how it is played. I was suprised that Yee Mun was very good
at zhi mo and she was given the nick name Zhi Mo Queen...lolz....

Due to the boredom I offered to fetch some of the girls back to
Damansara luckily with Choon Weng's help I didn't run the risk
of getting pulled over for overloading my kancil with 5 girls.
I dropped Karyne at Damansara Jaya and Pei Kuan and Amy
at Damansara Perdana.... took me almost an hour before reaching
OUG. I called Alfred and Jeffrey to yamcha at Stevens' and finnaly
reached home at 5.30am.

Hopefully I'll be able to have some more open houses in the future

The Beginning of a Hopefully Fruitful Effort

Well people, I'm finally trying my hand out in re-starting my blogging efforts...
It has been a long time since I stop blogging on friendster due to the pitiful internet
connection known as "dial-up" (yeah rite...laugh all u want :p) So here's to the first
tep inn my attempts to regain the crapping skills needed to maintain an interesting blog...