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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Honours Classification...

Today I attended the career fair held at Help Uni College. At first I
thought of just submitting a few of my CVs to the companies setting
up booths there but I was too lazy to edit my previous cover letter
and also do research on the companies's respective vision, values
and stuff...and also due to the fact I played basketball in uni the night
before. I was totally uninterested in doing anything last nite. So in the
end I went empty handed to the career fair.

I talked to a few of the company representatives there and it seems
that it's common nowadays to see that their minimum requirements
are normally 2nd class upper and above. So this brings us to the

Are all universities's classifications the same???

Is a 2nd class upper from University of Cambridge the same as a
2nd class upper from University of Malaya??

There is so much generalisation involved when it comes to evaluating
how well you did for your degree. Each and every university has their
own standards for assigning a classification to students, they have
different syllabus, subjects, examination questions, marking schemes
and etc.... how can you justify that two grads with the same classification
but from different Universities of different rankings be the same??

What's more whether or not you get shortlisted for an interview for that
dream job that you wanted so much, it depends on your degree classification.
It's just too much to bear to think that you might lose out to a grad with a
higher classification than yours but in actual fact the university he came from
may have lower examination standards than the one you came from...

It is just so depressing thinking about it. At first I was very eager to jump at
whatever employment oppurtunities comes knocking on my door but
after a long thought, I still do not know where and what I would like to do
when I graduate...

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