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Monday, March 26, 2007

Days goes by...

It has been an unproductive day for me today...
Was at the Sri Petaling Lrt Station in the
morning to hitch a ride from Noah but he ended
up 30 minutes late as Alex couldn't find his
house keys. Then had dim sum for breakfast before
heading onwards to college.

Arrived at college around 9.30am and started work
in the library as I had only allocated 4 more days
to study auditing. Was in the library till 10.30
when Yee Mun messaged saying that MSM class had
a break. Ended up in the staircase with Gary,
Choon Weng, Pik Wah, Kenneth and Yee Mun chatting
around. I left them to join Suet Mun and Lie Kim
at E & C as I had earlier promised them after that
went back to the staircase and still find all the
guys and gals chatting there as they sitted at
the staircase just chatting till the MSM class
ended and they went to get their bags.

We then went over to main block as Pik Wah drove
us to MidValley for lunch. PW's car was blocked
by a Naza Citra but luckily the fella had the
right mind to put his car in neutral and didn't
put his handbrake on and we could push the car
to allow PW to drive out. If he/she didn't did
that, I'm sure CW would have smashed his

Upon arriving in Mid Valley we had to spend
almost 30 minutes to confirm where we were
going for lunch and finally decided on La Manila
which is next to Little Vietnam. YM & PW's friend
Celine joined us and then only PW told us that the
girls were going shopping after lunch...
(felt like going aboard a pirate ship). We then
followed Lyn, PW & YM around MidValley and had a
side expedition of going round Midvalley Carpark
trying to locate Lyn's car.

Pik Wah then kindly dropped me at college for me
to collect my stuff and then dropped me off at
Damansara Jaya where I joined the guys for a
takei session till 7.30pm. Reached home at 8.40pm.
Promised myself that I'll stay awake till 3am
to study and catch up for lost time... keeping
my fingers crossed that I'm able to do it...

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