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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Badminton Mania....

Today has been a tiring day for me.. my legs are so numb especially
my toes...
Have been itching to play badminton for a while now
especially given our
Malaysian's doubles (KKK &TBH) sucess in the
international tournaments,
not to mention the unpredictable weather
forcing me to cut short my
basketball games in college. In fact it just
dawned on me that I haven't
been actively playing badminton since
primary school as my secondary
school didn't really have a court and
I was mostly into basketball then...

I tried having a badminton session last week but due to the lack of
had to cancel it. However today I finally managed to gather
enough people
to have a fun game. At first thought of playing at TTDI
where I used to play
with Nim and Shakira and yesterday I had a
headcount of 7 people
Me, Joe, Nim, Shakira, Choon Weng, Pik Wah
& Yee Mun so we decided to
book two courts from 2-4pm. However
due to an unfortunate event, i.e.
PW falling sick and YM lost her
transportation, plus CW's house in Sri Muda
was flooded last night,
we had only 4 people playing at TTDI with 2 courts.
Luckily the court
rental was quite cheap at RM4 an hour. Shakira also brought
her mom
to play with us and it was quite fun though we really only utilised one


After playing from 2-4pm at TTDI, me and Joe shifted venues to
YM & PW's
friend Nigel's place which was in Taman SEA. There we met
up with CW and
YM's friend Nigel and Lyn (sorry couldn't remember her
actual full name) :)
We had a mix match and played doubles until 6pm.
Won a couple of matches
lost a couple... it was quite fun watching YM
getting ordered around like a
chess piece by her son, Joe. Lyn was quite
funny and Nigel was quite good
at badminton. Looking forward to play
with these guys real soon...
(My fingers are crossed) Choon Weng was
cool and Joe was his usual
trickster style with his drop shots and net play.

After the game me, Joe, CW & YM went to William's to have a drink
(They had their drink while I had my dinner) Then Joe dropped me
off at Kelana Jaya at 8.10pm and I managed to reach home dead tired at
9.20pm. Nearly missed my stop at Masjid Jamek as I was already dozing
eventhough I was blasting my headphones... And here I am waiting to
be fully
exhausted that I can crash on my bed and sleep like a log till next

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