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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Another Day Goes Down the Drain, Well not entirely....

Today as usual I arrived at college at 8.30, had a cup of usual kopi
panas then went to the library to hang around... managed to flipped
through a few pages of my financial reporting guide before going off
to dreamland... woke up when jia wei called me at 10.30 and went
with him and win fei to Hock Lee's ( the only place where you can get
pork around the college) Had a breakfast and then skipped MSM
tutorials... Did a few more pages of the study guide before nodding off
again. Met Gary, Pik Wah, Yee Mun for lunch (actually I just accompanied
them, as I was still full) talk about the usual stuff and nearly went to
watch 300 but due to logistical issues and insufficient participation, it was
just all talk... Went back to the library to crap around with ernest ended
up in ground floor mamak again for drinks... Went up to the library at
3.30pm. Slept in the library till 4.30pm was too hungry but was lazy to
walk to the nearby Roti Man shop. Went to the back part of the library to
look for ppl to drag along with but ended being dragged in into a
conversation Ernest was having with my Heng Dai...

Had a in-depth discussion with my female Heng Dai ( I would like to
stress that I have no Zhi Mui's just Heng Dai's) and Ernest on wat
was lacking in each of us from a girl's point of view. Was quite an
interesting discussion.. I will not reveal wat was said about Ernest
as its a personal matter... but... I am willing to reveal wat was said
about me....

1) I'm make a good friend and can always be counted on...
but in terms of relationship material I have lots of issues to work out

2) I'm very one track minded when I like a girl

3) I'm too thick headed to take 'no' as a answer

4) I know too much of the minor details such as the girl's schedule, bits
and pieces of stuff that migh be creepy and scare off girls...
( I would like to say that it's just a natural knack of mine and I know
a lot of this kind of useless info even about my guy friends like wat's
their timetable, around wat time they arrive college or have breaks...
If only I could remember my studies in such details...I would be a first
class honors student in no time)

5) I do not project a drive to suceed or improve my life..
basically I do not seem to have "bright" future in front of me
(Due to the fact that I'm always sleeping in classes, skipping classes,
always hanging around in the ground floor mamak)

6) I do not have any exceptional stand out characteristics and own point of
I just go with the flow, am not independent and cannot be relied on...
(Basically I'm just not confident enough and do not give girls a sense of
security. I also do not give out an impression that I will be dependable)

There might be a few others which I missed out but the main points give
are up there... Lot's of thanks to my "Heng Dai" for telling me this stuff...
I have realised some of them myself but hearing it from a girl's point of
view confirms my suspicions of my shortcomings

I will however focus more on my exams first and worry about the stuff above
after exams, or I will end up living a bachelor's life in the future if I do not
manage to change one knows...

Well that's all for this posting... my parents just warned me that they'll
lock up the modem during the weekdays if I do not moderate my usage
of the net... So till the next crapping... have a nice day...

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designteamh said...

I do agreed with point 1 and 4 but the rest i m not too certain. Before i start let me tell everyone that I have known Charles for a fair bit especially during times after high school. Probably thats because i have started driving and start going places that we shouldnt be going. Well bottom line is i think you really have your own plans and thoughts but its probably not firmly secured inside your head because of influences in particular from anonymous ppl in your hse if u know who...haha. Anyway i understand your situation and i hope when i m back things will start to be different. Have fun in Uni mate