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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday is gone....

Today I reached college at 8.30am and had my usual drink
and waited for my macha, Kenneth as he bungkus nasi lemak
for me today. I sat at ground floor mamak until 10am,
sit until my backside also numb...

I then went for POB class and confirmed with Pik Wah and
Yee Mun that we would be catching 300 at MidValley. I
left class in the middle and went with Joe to meet up
with Gary in advance to buy the tickets for the movie.
Pik Wah and Yee Mun decided to go back into POB. There
was a long queue for the tickets and it turned out that
Pik Wah and Yee Mun did not go back into POB.. :p We
almost couldn't get student price for someone who I will
not name as she didn't renew her student ID, luckily
Joe came to the rescue as he had his ID and had already
watched the movie.

We then wasted a lot of time deciding where to eat from
Oasis, Food Junction, Madam Kwan's, Oh Sushi and finally
settled on Sushi King. There Yee Mun and Gary dared each
other to eat wasabi...turned out Yee Mun was on the
losing end, but me and Pik Wah had pre-food entertainment
looking at Gary's face after he ate his sushi with wasabi.
Pictures as shown as below:

Yee Mun messing up the sushi...

Yee Mun playing with her food...
(Didn't ur mother tell u not to play
with ur food???)

Gary demonstrating how a man takes

Before the effects kick in....

Gary got ownz....!!!

We then went for the movie at 2pm, sat in the center 2 rows
from the screen, first time in a long time since Shaolin
Soccer that I was so near the screen. I thoroughly enjoyed
the movie and recommend everyone to watch it though some
girls may find the CGI a little too gory. It really leaves
one with a good feeling after the movie. We then hanged out
at Coffee Bean where Me, Joe, Gary, Yee Mun and Pik Wah
exchanged ghost stories and beliefs till 7pm before leaving.
I went with Gary to his car to get my bag and took the KTM
Kommuter to Tasik Selatan before changing over to Star LRT
and ending up home at 7.50pm. Was really a fun day and for
the moment the stress of the upcoming exams were forgotten...

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