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Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Eventful Day....

Today was quite an eventful day compared with other usual
thursdays. I reached college at 8.30am and as usual went
to the ground floor mamak where I met up with Win Fei.
I went into the library at 9am (they have started checking
students for their IDs as there has been a lot of thefts
happening lately in the library). Put down my stuff and
went to have breakfast with my secondary school friend
Mathew and his girlfriend. Joe came and joined me in
Hock Lee's later I went with him back to Wisma Help but
there was no parking in the main block and the DBKL
people were issuing summonses at the illegal parking
area. Joe was going back to main block when suddenly
a car came out in front of him in the free parking
area. It was suck luck.. Joe thought of buying 4D already.

Back in the library I studied my audit stuff managed to
finish chapter 2 of theoretical stuff regarding auditing
postulates and concepts. Went with Gary, Choon Weng,
Pik Wah and Yee Mun plus Pik Wah's friend Kenny to Sri Emas.
Had lunch there and Gary discovered that Kenny shared the
same surname as his (HEW) and once stayed in Shah Alam,
plays Dota, has 'sepet' eyes and very thin... In fact he
say's that both of them are very alike. It was raining
when we left and we were trapped at UOA. We just sat outside
the steps listening to music and talking about the different
songs. Noah called and asked me to dota... he eventually
came over to Wisma UOA to pick us up and dropped us off
at Wisma Help. I then packed my stuff and went with him
to Damansara Jaya.

We agreed to play two hours and we'll go back... but after
the two hours were up, Jia Wei called and say he was coming
over and we had to wait for him. Ernest (the guy I tumpang
kereta back to Cheras) didn't drove his car and we had to
depend on the hardcore kaki's and so we stayed for 2 hours.
After another 2 hours we finally managed to escape when
Noah decided he had enough too and would drop us back to
main block. Thus begins "Noah: A Series of Unfortunate Events"

It began with Noah finding out that someone knocked into his
front bumper and the headlight and bumper were a little
askew. Then he found out that he forgot to turn off his
headlights causing his battery to run flat and couldn't
start his car. He called Jia Wei to park his car in front
of his so that he could jump start the car. He then went
out to get the jump cables from his boot but in his haste,
he left the car keys in ignition and lock himself out of
his car...!!! We were laughing our socks off... He then
went to the nearby stationary shop to get a steel ruler
and push it down into the passenger side window to
unlock the door. (Its a common fact that certain cars can
be unlock by pushing a piece pf steel into the gap between
the window and door which is normally covered by a plastic
piece). After unlocking the door he jumpstarted the car
and we were on our way home.

Noah's car with the jump cable in front

Jia Wei's car in position but Noah is locked
out of his car...

Noah breaking into his own car....

Ernest posing with the sucessfully opened door

Alex posing with the sucessfully jump-started car

Reach home at 9.30pm and was changing my clothes when I felt
something liquid in my nose. It turned out that I had a nose
bleed due to several possible reasons:

1. Heatiness
2. Stress of Exams
3. Stress of getting pawned in Dota
4. Stress of discussing where to go during our holidays...

I had to lie down with tissue stuck in my nose and a pack
of ice over my head for about 15 minutes before the bleeding
stopped and I took my bath and am typing this post now... :)
Well that's all... till the next crapping...


Jef-FrEE said...

Wah Lau!
That's ur excuse of stress~

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