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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Just a note that I won't be updating the blog
as frequently as usual. This is due to the
impending arrival of my finals and also due
to the fact that there's not much to blog
about since i'm at home most of the time...
Am undergoing changes in feelings from time
to time...hmm...moods may swing wildly
sometimes... :(

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A thought provoking poem...

"Ten years from will have achieved
A level of growth at great personal cost.

If you have made significant progress towards
Achieving your personal and professional goals,
You will have done so at the cost of
Self denial,
Self discipline,
And even self - sacrifice.

However if you have not made significant progress,
You will have paid with
Lost opportunities,
Broken promises,
And diminished dreams.

The choice is yours, both sucess and failure come at
A great cost, and true sucess demands
a great character and dedication.

...Karl Gretz...

It has been 5 years after leaving secondary school
and I'm at the midway point now. I will be entering
the real world after 4 and a half years of tertiary
education. This poem really hits the point for me
and makes me wonder what have I achieved within this
5 years and what will I achieve for the next 5 years..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Caught in the middle....

I'm sure those that have come to know me pretty well enough or
do often hang out with me realise, I'm one of those unfortunate
souls who do not have their own means of transport i.e. a car....
Therefore everywhere I go, I have to depend on people giving me
a lift or our own wonderful Malaysian public transpot... RapidKL...
Generally to even go somewhere, I will need either my dad or my
aunt to give me a ride to the nearby LRT Station and same goes
when I'm coming home too...

On typical after college outings, my friends normally drop me off
at the Kelana Jaya Lrt Station. From there I need to take a 30mins
LRT ride to Masjid Jamek before changing over to STAR LRT for
another 15mins ride before waiting for either my dad or my aunt to
pick me up. That is one of the reasons I do not like to go home too
late as I feel that I'm troubling my dad or my aunt to ask them to
wait till 8.30pm or 9.30pm to come and pick me up from the lrt.

As those of me who are close to me know, my parents are quite
strict with me... I do not go out at night on weekdays except for
really good reasons and normally do not return home late at night.
Especially when I have been out for the whole day since morning..
You see, the two bathroom's with heaters for taking baths are in
my grandmother's room and parents room who normally by
10 or 10.30pm are already preparing to sleep. I do not like to
use their bathroom at that time..coz I may wake them up or
disturb their sleep..and I don't think I can get through the day
without taking a bath... :p therefore I never really go home
too late and always try to be home before 10pm if I have been
out the whole day...

Here come's my delimma... When you have to depend on your
friends to give you a ride to the nearest lrt station, you will end
up being caught in the middle and torn up by guilt.. You see a
typical situation was what happened today...

I had exams at 9am so I woke up at 6am and left my house at
6.30am for the lrt station. After my exams, I went to look for
Joe at Hock Lee's where we then went to waste our time at
Netmaster for an hour while waiting for Yee Mun and then
headed to 1U to catch a movie with Noah and Weng Fong. After
the movie I was hungry as it was already 4.30pm and my last
meal was at 10.45am. So we went to a mamak called Mohsin
in TTDI. After the mamak they went to join the rest of the
group who were meeting in TTDI to try out a supposedly
famous place for burgers... Though I had earlier eaten a nasi
goreng kampung, I wanted to try the burger too so I did not
raise any protest as the 5 of us headed over there... we met
up with Kenneth, Alex, Jia Wei, Ernest, Kevin and there was
a total of 10 guys there....

After the meal, what I had expected came through, the guys
wanted to takei at Netmaster... Now let's be realistic, it was
already 7pm and they would usually takei until 10pm the
earliest or the wee hours in the morning at the latest... As
usual everyone looked at me and I had to raise the fact that
I needed a ride to the LRT station and couldn't join the guys.
Honestly I realy wanted to join the guys to takei but I could
not as I would be home late which would not be acceptable to
my parents... I was then made fun of as usual and was
subjected to the guilt treatment (as in they won't drop me off
at the station or I was anti-social as in causing them to less
one takei kaki) I have always been made fun of due to the
inability to stay out late and been played the guilt card several
times... but can't they see... I really have no choice... eventhough
these always happen I still feel guilty and pain everytime...
Who wants to be made fun of due to their lack of transport and
the need to go home early??? It may seem funny to you guys
but I really do not find anything funny in it...

I'm not mad or anything cause it really is a fact that I can't go
home late and that I don't have my own means of transport...
but I'm sad that those who are my friends, who have their own
transports and do not have curfews... are not understanding
enough of my unfortunate situation... who use this as a way
to make fun of me and also make me feel guilty as in I'm
ruining their fun by going home early... I have my own feelings
too... I may be laughing with you guys while you make fun of
me but deep down I'm torn by the want to have fun with you
guys and also the fact that I need to be home...

This is not an isolated incident, I get this a lot too when going
out with my secondary school friends and other group of friends.
It so happens that I was with my college group of friends today
and it really struck a raw nerve with me that I feel I need to
get this off my chest by blogging about it and used today as
a actual incident.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sek Yuen Restaurant, Pudu

On Sunday night I went for a family dinner at Sek Yuen
Restaurant in Pudu. It was my uncle's birthday and he
decided to have a "makan" there. Sek Yuen is a very old
restaurant... I'm sure some of you guys have heard of it.
In fact I passed by it so many times during the period
where I was still taking the old Intrakota busses to
school. I always wondered whether how the interior of
the restaurant looked like as it was quite shabby and run
down...The restaurant however is still going strong despite
all these years...was it due to the quality of its food that
kept it alive or the nostalgic atmosphere it provided...
no one knows...

However the interior of the restaurant really makes you
feel as if you were transported back in time to a old
restaurant what with the antique wooden chairs, the
paintings, the utensils such as glasses and chopsticks which
were pretty worn out... Here are some pics of the interior
I took while waiting for the dishes to be served...

The restaurant's building... looks like a old
Shanghai night club or something with all
the light bulbs for decoration..

(This is the supposedly new and air-conned
building... there is the original single storey
restaurant next to it which is open air)

The entrance to Sek Yuen.. hmm the lighting and
tinted glass make it look like a "Mah Kei Cheong"
(Mah Kei Cheong is the illegal gambling centres
popular during our secondary school days)

The interior of the first floor of the restaurant... Notice
the lanterns and wooden wall panellings and wooden
chairs and steel chairs.. where else can you find them now??
The curtains looked like floor cloth which had been recycled
and sew together.... damn old school look

The back part of the restaurant...notice the shabby
arrangements and clutter...

This chair maybe older then me for all I know...
Was sitting on it and worrying whether it would
finally give way over my weight... ;)
The seat was too small to give full support to my
posterior... :)

Notice the lantern dangling from the ceiling.. really
cool in sort of a way but also creep at the same time..
There were several dangling around... and also take
a look at the scenic picture hanging behind... lots of
pictures which are really old but authentic...

I'm not sure whether was it due to the large crowd and
the dishes being last minute ordered instead of pre-ordered
but the dishes didn't taste nice at all.. Even the presentation
was very bad and just plain.. sorry no pics of the dishes coz
was too hungry at that time.. ;)

But according to my two cousins who have tried the food at
the restaurant on two separate occasions, they said that the
food was very good and the service too... Hopefully the
unpleasant service and food can be attributed to the crowd
at that time..

I'm willing to give Sek Yuen another try... in the future....
How else did the restaurant manage to survive for so long
if they always provided lousy food and service...

Anyone interested in joining me after my finals?? ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some random pics from Joe's and Gary's Birthday

Since I'm waiting for AVG to download a big update and
the connection speed is suprisingly fast.. I decided to upload
a few more pictures from Joe and Gary's Birthday at Poppy:

Gary and Joe having an exchange of drinks
that will send them to heavenly bliss...notice
Noah as God pushing them on...

Joe getting the "Kiss of Death" from Noah aka God

Alfred hiding, Gary looking cool, Jeffrey drunk,
Ah Kit the charming, Pik Wah the smiling and noah the
what are u guys doing look....

Alfred "the hand", Jeffrey "the blur", Gary "the finger",
Pik Wah "the toungue",
Noah "no eye see" and
Pei Yin "the smile"

Joe, Weng Fong, Gary & Noah

Gary when's he's already high standing on the
sofa... this is what we call "self-blow"

Me and Pei Yin with Joe doing a Marilyn Monroe
pose behind...

Pik Wah, Lyn, Nigel and Joe
The girls look like they are more interested in
their drinks then the camera :p

Yee Mun, Lyn and ME..

Due to cameraman's fault the pic
of Me, Yee Mun, Lyn and Pik Wah
became only me and Yee Mun...

Alfred, Me, Gary, Jeffrey and Yee Mun

Alfred pushing Gary out of the way while
we took pictures with Pik Wah, Lyn and Yee Mun

Sunday... the Day of Birthdays...

Well the good news is that I managed to connect to the
internet using the bloody Jaring dial up connection, the
even better news is that I may soon have a streamyx
connection in the near future...near being the time it
takes for TMNet and HP to process the application form
and installing it in my home...

Back to proper blogging material.... Sunday was quite an
eventful day... Decided to go out and joined Joe's Birthday
Dinner at Souled Out, Hartamas with Choon Weng,
Yee Mun, Ernest ,Alfred (whom I dragged along) and
Joe the main character of course... he was kind enough
to subsidise RM100 of our total bill. We spent most of the
time reviewing wat happened in the drunken orgy of friday
night.. sorting through the puzzles and what we saw that
night.. I don't have a photo of our dinner at Souled Out
but here's a pic of Birthday Boy, Joe on Friday at Poppys
while he was still sober... :)

We left Souled Out at approximately 10.15pm and
me and Alfred had another Birthday party to attend
to...which was Sim Ee's Birthday... Sim Ee is our
primary school friend who recently got back in touch
thanks to the small gathering I threw during CNY...
It was supposed to be a suprise gathering and we
gathered at Station One in Taman Mutiara... Me
and Alfred arrived there to find some of the guys
and gals playing a game of UNO as the Bday Girl
had not arrived and her birthday was to be celebrated
at midnight. Played a game of UNO between Alfred,
me, Valerie and Audrey ended being beaten by Audrey
even though I managed to get to the last card 4 times..
:( Guess I sucked at UNO. We then played a couple
of rounds of Heart Attack and luckily didn't lose...
The Bday Girl finally arrived with Yvonne and Li Ping.
we waited till 12am and took the cake over to her
table while singing the good old Birthday Song..
She wasn't really suprised as there was a leak in I don't know who...

Chatted, ate the cake, shared a bucket of Carls with
Alfred and ended being red all over the face for the
pics... Here are two of the pics I took.. Two being
a dial up user I can't spam upload pics like most of
the other lucky people...

The Birthday Girl, Sim Ee is in the Red shirt
with the peace sign...aww how innocent..wahaha

The group of primary school friend in attendance

Jaring's Stupid Service....

Tried to get online last night to update the blog but had trouble
connecting guess what... Everytime I called the dial up no.
I got the voice saying

"Welcome to i-Talk prepaid"

Maybe Telekom Malaysia was trying to hijack Jaring's no or
there was a change in dial up no which I was not informed of

So I thought, I'll just call up Jaring's Customer Service but to
my suprise their automated voice directionary did not have
a selection for dial up customers just one for other services
and one for broadband customers..

I tried going for the broadband customers and one of their
technicians picked up and said that for dial up customers
their service center was only open from 8am to 10pm..WTF!!
He could not provide me with any assistance...

How could Jaring provide such service offering a 24-hour
support for broadband customers and a normal support for
dial-up customers... can't they merge both of them???
Eventhough dial up customers pay a lesser fee and make
up a smaller portion of Jaring's revenue is that the way to
treat customers?? Given the the stiff competition its facing
from TM NEt I don't believe this kind of service would
endear Jaring's users to it but in fact drive them away...

I'm going to give the Jaring people a new hole in the posterior
if I can't connect online tonight before 10pm since their service
center closes at 10pm....what a absurd policy for providing
support to paying customers...

Joe and Gary's Birthday Celebration at Poppy..

Sorry for the week long break I took from blogging as I
was kind of lost last week and had absolutely no idea
on what to blog on... But here I am back in action...

We celebrated Joe and Gary's Birthday at Poppy's
last friday as exams were near and we needed to clear
the partying soon and be really sober for exams.. :)
The even was actually organised by Noah and I was
just helping to organise.. really nice to take a back seat
to organising stuff and let someone take over the
burden for a while.. In fact, Noah will also be the main
organiser for our Lang Tengah Trip after our Finals.. :D

Well back to the original topic... It was my first time down
to Poppy's and it was a great place to go clubbing though
the open air concept would be quite hot and stuffy if the
weather was humid... Luckily Noah who know's people for
clubbing places got us a table in the far end of Poppy which
was air-conditioned and the was where the live band
jammed and it was quite a cool place to hang out in...
It was also the first time you can get people in the club just
by mentioning the words "Noah's Table" ;)

We opened a total of 7 bottle that night and needless to say
there was a lot of drunkards at the end of the night... Most
of us arrived around 11pm and by that time almost 4 bottles
of Dewars had been finished... They opened off the night
by forcing Joe and Gary to blow the bottle for as long as
the accumulated time all the girls present could blow the
bottle... Ended up Joe and Gary had to blow the bottle for
19 seconds... what a way to start the night.. In fact by the
time Ernest arrived at 12pm the 5th bottle was already almost
finished...Wahahaha..... serves u late for not being on time.. :p

Lot of funny things happened through out the night... A brief
summary of stuff which happened is:

Joe was KO'ed within the first few hours and vomitted into
the ice bucket...

Cave transferred alcohol mouth to mouth to Ernest TWICE!!!

Cave got molested by someone who we don't know...whether
it was a gay or a ah kua we'll never know...

Gary was drunk but in the loud hyperactive kind of way...which
was kinda annoying as I had to babysit him...

Gary jumped on the sofa shouting for a 'graveyard' so that he
could be KO'ed

Pik Wah and Alfred melted ice by holding each other's hands...
(New tactic according to Ernest...bring the ice buckets)

Jia Wei was sober the whole night as he brought Yvonne along..

Cave drank a cup full of I don't know what..

Joe and Gary got their birthday kisses

Jeffrey got drunk the first time since his birthday last year where
he drank a flaming and two graveyards... was talking nonsense
in a high pitch voice and cursing here and there... appologised
for his actions later on...Motion passed by me and Alfred that
Jeffrey could never ever touch alcohol and should remain the
driver for the rest of our clubbing outings...

Gary approached and sucessfully brought two girls over to our
table but his finishing was not good enough...
(Ernest called for Gary to be dragged out and be be-headed...)

Yee Mun was missing for a while (she was actually dancing with
Nigel) Noah called her hp and Choon Weng picked up causing
Noah to ask "Who the F**k is this?!!!) wahahaha Noah's just
being protective...

I didn't do much that night was sober enough to drive Jeffrey's
car back to Sri Petaling and then Alfred's car back to Midah.
Spent most of the nite taking photos and also babysitting Gary.

As I'm using a dial up connection to the internet, those who are
looking for pics can visit Yee Mun's blog for them at:

Well that's about all I think I have to say so till the next time..

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Hmmm I've been wondering... why have
I been sleeping early these few nights...
I don't really feel tired but its just that I
feel there's something missing in my life...
Exams are coming and it like a swinging
guilottine over my head but sometimes
I feel that its already written in stone that
I'll graduate with a meagre 3rd class and
fight unsucessfully with all the other people
in the job market.

Speaking of job market I don't even have
an inkling of where I would like to work
or what kind of industry I would like to
enter... and even if I do I don't think I can
get pass their preliminary interviews given
that everyone is so qualified...what do I have
to give that other people don't?? I'm really
searching for that answer...Will I live out
my whole life as a white collar worker??
struggling to climb up the corporate ladder
struggling with a average or below average
income?? Will I be able to support my
parents, my aunts who have been so
supportive of me all the time...

Sometimes I feel like I have let a lot of
people around me down. I don't really
know when this feeling of resignation
and hopelessness befell me...was it
when I decided to join the UOL

After joining UOL I've been either
skipping classes or sleeping in classes
like no one else's business... Have not
find the drive to study much... been
plagued with so many distractions...
Dota, Clubbing, Yamchas and not
to mention the emotional kinds...
Even when I go to the library everyday
I can't really study there much and not
to mention when I'm at home.. I get
pestered to study by parents, aunts
& my grandmother but I just let them
go in one ear and out the other... They
don't believe I'm studying in the library
in a way they are right... but what's the
use of studying in the library for 6 days
in a 7 day week when upon arriving at
home ur stuck with naggings to study,
dissapproval, comments which are
condescending and really hurts... I
even have trouble going out to chill
out with my friends on the weekends
be it Friday or Saturday... really hate
this feeling of boredom of doing nothing.
The best solution I have for this is to
just shut myself in the room and sleep..
Pass time by sleeping, feeling nothing
and awakening to find that another day
has gone by with the blink of an eye...
With all these I go out like no one else's
business during college time and normal
time when I should be studying on
weekdays and I feel the guilt but its
a never ending cycle for me...coz even
if I study I won't get any slack from my
family. This is a dangerous thought and
a ticking time bomb but I can't help it...
In the end I'm sure I'll regret this way
of thinking but that's for the future and
the present is now...

I have always felt that I'm missing that
someone in life... someone who can give
me the feeling of contentment,
someone I can do the little things with,
have a heart to heart talk with, share my
happiness and pain but unfortunately I

never go further then having crushes..
Cause I know somehow one way or the
other I will be rejected and the pain
and hurt will be along to haunt me again.
I don't really feel that I would be able
to commit to having a relationship given
my sorry state of affairs... no transportation,
no cash, no time due to parental restriction
or maybe these are just lame excuses I
give myself... what about the lack of
confidence, the ability to take a gamble,
the ability to be myself around someone
i like, to be able to express those feelings
with my mouth instead of just keeping
them in my heart.. or I just can't bring
myself to take a step forward instead I'm
stepping backwards...I really don't know...
what's wrong with me...maybe a mental
block but I'm feeling
sick and tired of my
pathetic life...

Somehow one way or the other it
always pop up when exams are near.
I'm hopeless dealing with these kind
of things... is it a passing feeling or is
it stress from exams or is it the empty
void in my life or is it that I've found
that special someone I don't really know...

I'm sure this last paragraph will raise

a lot of speculation and interests among
my SAD friends (Single, Available and
Desperate) mostly those from my MBS
group... but don't bother asking coz u
guys know u'll never get it out of my
mouth and ur earlier assumptions
during bak kut teh are already wrong...

There was even a time when one of my
MBS friend attempted suicide and was
scolded for his reasons of suiciding coz
they all (my MBS group) agreed if it was
due to stress I would have first dibs on
suiciding and he would have to wait for
me to do it first before he could do it.
( Don't worry I dont plan to end my life
anytime just popped up in my

I know some people will say that I have
it good and there are even some others
who are even worse off then compared
to me...but I'm still suffering and I think
I have the right to voice out my feelings
about my life...

Damn emo post.. It might not have the
right flow and there maybe some parts
which might be left hanging coz all these
words come from my heart without
any structure or proper arrangement and
comes as I write this...I would normally
never ever post this kind of stuff coz it'll
raise a hellfire of baseless speculation and
assumptions... but I feel that a heavy
load has been lifted off my shoulders
and heart...

Bloody Public Holidays.....

Its now 4am and I just woke up... don't know
why but the past two days I've been sleeping
early due to reasons unknown. As usual here's
a rambling of what I've been up to yesterday...

Woke up late around 8.50 to the sound of my
dog barking as I haven't take him out on his
rountine walk...washed up, had breakfast, got
ready and made my way to college. Upon
arriving in college I found the whole building
lifeless and the library wasn't open... Guess
what... it was a public holiday and I didn't know
about it. I spent almost 1 hour travelling to college
and I wasn't going to waste my travelling time
and so I walked over to the McD in main block.

Sat in McD till 1.30pm before I couldn't take it
anymore so I called my friend Alfred to see
whether by chance he was working anywhere
near my college area. He was in KL doing an
installation and said that he would be finish by
around 2pm. So I called Jeffrey and he said that
he could pick me up from KL Sentral so I took a
bus over from college to Sentral. Upon picking
me up at Sentral I met Roy from Hong Kong who
is staying with Jeffrey on his 2nd Trip to Malaysia.
Knew him through my days at the leo club. Went
to Sungai Wang and brought Roy around the many
shopping complexes in the supposedly "Golden
Triangle" Went from Star Hill to Lot 10 to Sg Wang
and then onwards to Low Yat. Walked around
waiting for Alfred but the fella was late... really late
said at 2pm but till 5.30 still not yet done...

We went back to Cheras area and went to Leisure
Mall in the hopes of catching a movie before having
dinner but the timing of the movies were not suitable.
Wasted the RM3 parking. Alfred finally said he was
done and wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh so we headed
over to Maluri. He said that he didn't want to eat
the fat meat...(mayb coz he's been having too much

I then went home by hitching on Alfred's ride,
arrived home to find Arsenal being down by 2 goals.
Had no mood to watch the match, bathe and linger
around for a while before going to sleep at 10pm