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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday... the Day of Birthdays...

Well the good news is that I managed to connect to the
internet using the bloody Jaring dial up connection, the
even better news is that I may soon have a streamyx
connection in the near future...near being the time it
takes for TMNet and HP to process the application form
and installing it in my home...

Back to proper blogging material.... Sunday was quite an
eventful day... Decided to go out and joined Joe's Birthday
Dinner at Souled Out, Hartamas with Choon Weng,
Yee Mun, Ernest ,Alfred (whom I dragged along) and
Joe the main character of course... he was kind enough
to subsidise RM100 of our total bill. We spent most of the
time reviewing wat happened in the drunken orgy of friday
night.. sorting through the puzzles and what we saw that
night.. I don't have a photo of our dinner at Souled Out
but here's a pic of Birthday Boy, Joe on Friday at Poppys
while he was still sober... :)

We left Souled Out at approximately 10.15pm and
me and Alfred had another Birthday party to attend
to...which was Sim Ee's Birthday... Sim Ee is our
primary school friend who recently got back in touch
thanks to the small gathering I threw during CNY...
It was supposed to be a suprise gathering and we
gathered at Station One in Taman Mutiara... Me
and Alfred arrived there to find some of the guys
and gals playing a game of UNO as the Bday Girl
had not arrived and her birthday was to be celebrated
at midnight. Played a game of UNO between Alfred,
me, Valerie and Audrey ended being beaten by Audrey
even though I managed to get to the last card 4 times..
:( Guess I sucked at UNO. We then played a couple
of rounds of Heart Attack and luckily didn't lose...
The Bday Girl finally arrived with Yvonne and Li Ping.
we waited till 12am and took the cake over to her
table while singing the good old Birthday Song..
She wasn't really suprised as there was a leak in I don't know who...

Chatted, ate the cake, shared a bucket of Carls with
Alfred and ended being red all over the face for the
pics... Here are two of the pics I took.. Two being
a dial up user I can't spam upload pics like most of
the other lucky people...

The Birthday Girl, Sim Ee is in the Red shirt
with the peace sign...aww how innocent..wahaha

The group of primary school friend in attendance

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