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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bloody Public Holidays.....

Its now 4am and I just woke up... don't know
why but the past two days I've been sleeping
early due to reasons unknown. As usual here's
a rambling of what I've been up to yesterday...

Woke up late around 8.50 to the sound of my
dog barking as I haven't take him out on his
rountine walk...washed up, had breakfast, got
ready and made my way to college. Upon
arriving in college I found the whole building
lifeless and the library wasn't open... Guess
what... it was a public holiday and I didn't know
about it. I spent almost 1 hour travelling to college
and I wasn't going to waste my travelling time
and so I walked over to the McD in main block.

Sat in McD till 1.30pm before I couldn't take it
anymore so I called my friend Alfred to see
whether by chance he was working anywhere
near my college area. He was in KL doing an
installation and said that he would be finish by
around 2pm. So I called Jeffrey and he said that
he could pick me up from KL Sentral so I took a
bus over from college to Sentral. Upon picking
me up at Sentral I met Roy from Hong Kong who
is staying with Jeffrey on his 2nd Trip to Malaysia.
Knew him through my days at the leo club. Went
to Sungai Wang and brought Roy around the many
shopping complexes in the supposedly "Golden
Triangle" Went from Star Hill to Lot 10 to Sg Wang
and then onwards to Low Yat. Walked around
waiting for Alfred but the fella was late... really late
said at 2pm but till 5.30 still not yet done...

We went back to Cheras area and went to Leisure
Mall in the hopes of catching a movie before having
dinner but the timing of the movies were not suitable.
Wasted the RM3 parking. Alfred finally said he was
done and wanted to eat Bak Kut Teh so we headed
over to Maluri. He said that he didn't want to eat
the fat meat...(mayb coz he's been having too much

I then went home by hitching on Alfred's ride,
arrived home to find Arsenal being down by 2 goals.
Had no mood to watch the match, bathe and linger
around for a while before going to sleep at 10pm

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