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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A thought provoking poem...

"Ten years from will have achieved
A level of growth at great personal cost.

If you have made significant progress towards
Achieving your personal and professional goals,
You will have done so at the cost of
Self denial,
Self discipline,
And even self - sacrifice.

However if you have not made significant progress,
You will have paid with
Lost opportunities,
Broken promises,
And diminished dreams.

The choice is yours, both sucess and failure come at
A great cost, and true sucess demands
a great character and dedication.

...Karl Gretz...

It has been 5 years after leaving secondary school
and I'm at the midway point now. I will be entering
the real world after 4 and a half years of tertiary
education. This poem really hits the point for me
and makes me wonder what have I achieved within this
5 years and what will I achieve for the next 5 years..

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