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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sek Yuen Restaurant, Pudu

On Sunday night I went for a family dinner at Sek Yuen
Restaurant in Pudu. It was my uncle's birthday and he
decided to have a "makan" there. Sek Yuen is a very old
restaurant... I'm sure some of you guys have heard of it.
In fact I passed by it so many times during the period
where I was still taking the old Intrakota busses to
school. I always wondered whether how the interior of
the restaurant looked like as it was quite shabby and run
down...The restaurant however is still going strong despite
all these years...was it due to the quality of its food that
kept it alive or the nostalgic atmosphere it provided...
no one knows...

However the interior of the restaurant really makes you
feel as if you were transported back in time to a old
restaurant what with the antique wooden chairs, the
paintings, the utensils such as glasses and chopsticks which
were pretty worn out... Here are some pics of the interior
I took while waiting for the dishes to be served...

The restaurant's building... looks like a old
Shanghai night club or something with all
the light bulbs for decoration..

(This is the supposedly new and air-conned
building... there is the original single storey
restaurant next to it which is open air)

The entrance to Sek Yuen.. hmm the lighting and
tinted glass make it look like a "Mah Kei Cheong"
(Mah Kei Cheong is the illegal gambling centres
popular during our secondary school days)

The interior of the first floor of the restaurant... Notice
the lanterns and wooden wall panellings and wooden
chairs and steel chairs.. where else can you find them now??
The curtains looked like floor cloth which had been recycled
and sew together.... damn old school look

The back part of the restaurant...notice the shabby
arrangements and clutter...

This chair maybe older then me for all I know...
Was sitting on it and worrying whether it would
finally give way over my weight... ;)
The seat was too small to give full support to my
posterior... :)

Notice the lantern dangling from the ceiling.. really
cool in sort of a way but also creep at the same time..
There were several dangling around... and also take
a look at the scenic picture hanging behind... lots of
pictures which are really old but authentic...

I'm not sure whether was it due to the large crowd and
the dishes being last minute ordered instead of pre-ordered
but the dishes didn't taste nice at all.. Even the presentation
was very bad and just plain.. sorry no pics of the dishes coz
was too hungry at that time.. ;)

But according to my two cousins who have tried the food at
the restaurant on two separate occasions, they said that the
food was very good and the service too... Hopefully the
unpleasant service and food can be attributed to the crowd
at that time..

I'm willing to give Sek Yuen another try... in the future....
How else did the restaurant manage to survive for so long
if they always provided lousy food and service...

Anyone interested in joining me after my finals?? ;)

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