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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jaring's Stupid Service....

Tried to get online last night to update the blog but had trouble
connecting guess what... Everytime I called the dial up no.
I got the voice saying

"Welcome to i-Talk prepaid"

Maybe Telekom Malaysia was trying to hijack Jaring's no or
there was a change in dial up no which I was not informed of

So I thought, I'll just call up Jaring's Customer Service but to
my suprise their automated voice directionary did not have
a selection for dial up customers just one for other services
and one for broadband customers..

I tried going for the broadband customers and one of their
technicians picked up and said that for dial up customers
their service center was only open from 8am to 10pm..WTF!!
He could not provide me with any assistance...

How could Jaring provide such service offering a 24-hour
support for broadband customers and a normal support for
dial-up customers... can't they merge both of them???
Eventhough dial up customers pay a lesser fee and make
up a smaller portion of Jaring's revenue is that the way to
treat customers?? Given the the stiff competition its facing
from TM NEt I don't believe this kind of service would
endear Jaring's users to it but in fact drive them away...

I'm going to give the Jaring people a new hole in the posterior
if I can't connect online tonight before 10pm since their service
center closes at 10pm....what a absurd policy for providing
support to paying customers...

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