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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Posting For The Sake of Posting

Well I don't really know what to post on the blog, but just
to keep the ball rolling, so here's a play by play of wat I
did on Friday and Saturday for those who do not have
other things to do then to read my blog....

Friday- Had class at 8am. Woke up at 6.15am, left home
at 6.30am, got a lift from my dad to outside midah since
it was still early had breakfast at the outside mamak,
got a lift from Ernest at 6.50am reached college at 7.30am.
Was in FR class till 9.30 when Suet Mun called me to go
LC to carry stuff up as the Accounting Club was having a
food sale as a activity for the HelpUni 21st Anniversary
(Kinda stupid to have such activities in Wisma HELP,
when there's no one there on fridays and saturdays...)
I pulled Gary along and set up the stuff with the other
people...decided not to go for MA and continued helping out
till 1pm where Yee Mun drop by to pull me for lunch, went
with Pik Wah, Noah, Joe and Choon Weng to Sri Emas
before heading back to college to continue helping out
sales was slow after 1pm as there was no classes... Started
closing shop at 3pm and left with Gary, Jia Wei, Yee Mun,
Pei Shan to Alex's house as they went there to play mahjong
and I just went there to chill out and hang around. Was
at Alex's house till 6 before leaving with Gary who
dropped me at the Sri Petaling lrt station. Reached home
with a headache but still had to take the dog out, ate some
fried rice and went straight to sleep till 10.15pm before
waking up to bathe, online, watch astro and studied for
another 2 hours before going to sleep again at 2am.

Saturday-Woke up at 8.30am, took the dog out, got ready
then left house for college at 9am, took the lrt from Bandar
Tun Razak to Masjid Jame. Switch lrt from Masjid Jamek
to KL Sentral and took a bus to college before reaching
college at 10am to find no one but Sim Ling there. We
then waited for the other to arrive before setting up shop.
Business was like whacking house flies (Pak Woo Ying)
as there was technically no one there. Ms. Marilyn gave us
some good news when she said that Rosemary (The UOL
External Studies Director) told her that UOL grads could
now gain exemption till the final part of ACCA( previously
we were only exempted up to 5 papers which was seriusly
shitty) Ms. Marilyn will confirm with ACCA people next
week and now I'm seriously considering working in the
audit line if its true... (I'm keeping my fingers crossed..)
Ah Kit came to perform some magic tricks for a while
as there was not really a crowd there. Then went with him

and Cave to Hock Lee's to have lunch at 1pm. Came back
to college at 2.30pm and studied till 3.30pm when Alex
and Kenneth arrived at the library... studied till 5pm
before calling it a day and reaching home. Reached home
at 6pm and was so tired but dad ordered me to mop the
floor and was fricking tired that I went straight to bed
without dinner before finally waking up at 10pm, to
bathe and have my dinner and online where I' m
posting my blog now...

Well hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day and
I can finally start full steam ahead....

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