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Friday, March 23, 2007

K Day

Today I was in the library at 9.30am when I suddenly got
a call from a local landline which I do not know. It turned
out to be from Yee seems that she lost her purse
when she went clubbing the nite before (hmph see go
clubbing without me lah...see wat happen :p)
She lost her chocolate (LG hp), IC and some cash but her
most precious belongings weren't the hp or the IC or the
cash.. it was her sms'es and contacts...(YM is a sms, blog,
clubbing addict) I was using my handsfree which is one
of those like headphones and was outside the library
when Pik Wah came after the FR class and i told her to
listen in with her using one side and me the other... It
looked so funny as people were coming in and out of the
lifts seeing a guy and girl sharing headphones talking and
laughing... YM didn't slept after clubbing upon knowing
her losses, she made a police report, got a replacement
sim card and also went to Pusat Bandar Damansara to
get a new IC. Then went home and contacted those whose
hp no's she remembered (I'm one of the lucky few...Yay..)

She then said that find plans for the night as she was going
to sleep the afternoon away... unfortunately for her,
Pik Wah used her as a shield saying that if Yee Mun went
to sing karaoke only she would go... this caused YM to get
calls from both Ernest and Gary calling her to go and
making her feel guilty...YM finally collapsed and said she
was going. In the end it was Me, Ernest, Gary, Pik Wah,
Yee Mun, Joe, Alex and Kenneth who sang karaoke in
Neway, 1 Utama from 1.30pm to 6.30pm. Was crazy
as Ernest entertained with his silly antics and hand
gestures and Gary with his hyper activeness... YM
didn't have a chance to catch any rest... caused she
was wakened up by Ernest or Gary whenever she dozed
off... She also had to attend a friends birthday party at
7pm... what a marathon of events to attend... Well hoped
she manages to reach home early and get enough sleep..

Joe demonstrated how to open a locked toilet door with
a 20 cent coin in the Karaoke Room...and Gary tried it
a few times till the lock finally jam and couldn't open...
It was quite a hassle as we had to walk down one floor
to get to the nearest toilet... :( Hopefully they won't try
it anymore in the future. After karaoke, Alex and Kenneth
went off to join Noah and Pei Yin to study at Burger King
in Hartamas...hope they really made progress... as for me
I arrived home at 7.20, had my dinner, slept a while and
then bathe and now posting this on my blog so that
someone who has a lot of free time can read the crap I
write... u know who u are... :p

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Baby Princess said...

now i know it was sepet jie in the phone...