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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Day That Never Was...

I kept telling myself that today was the day that I really
started studying and would not laze around anymore but
in the end it was just another day wasted.

I arrived in college at 8.30am and had my usual kopi panas
was suprised that Jia Wei wasn't there so I went up to the
library at 9. Wanted to finish 1984 by George Orwell by
the end of the day... I received a call from Jia Wei at
9.20am asking me to go down ground floor mamak to
teman him... so I just sat there till class at 10am. Went
for the class but didn't listen to Prof Teh as usual and
continued reading 1984. During the break we found out
that Yee Mun won RM30 the nite before so we asked
her to belanja us yamcha at ground floor.

And while hanging out at ground floor we decided not to
go back into class until it was over. We then went for lunch,
we being Me, Choon Weng, Pik Wah & Yee Mun coz Gary
had to FFK us for a meeting... We got into Choon Weng's car
and Yee Mun suggested Bangsar area but no one could decide
a place to eat. I had to open my big mouth and suggested Chilli's
at BSC... ended up spending RM45 for my lunch... luckily Kenneth
paid me RM50 earlier. When I reached back in college at 3pm went
to hang out with Alex, Jia Wei & Kenneth. As predicted they then
went DOTA'ing in DJ at 4pm dragging me along. Played two and half
games... got owned in the first game playing Chaos Knight, had a
better performance in the second game using Morph and couldn't
finish the third game as time expired.

Joe then dropped me at Kelana Jaya and it took me 45min to get home.
I reached home at 8pm had dinner, did some stuff for my dad. Counted
my angpows, bathe, watched tv and created this new blog which I'm
posting till now at 12.30am...

And so there goes anotehr day wasted.....
Well going off now... till the next dose
of crapping


-yeemun- said...

hey you~nice blog! update it more often so i wont b bored when i'm online=) put ur addy as my link ya?

sLeEPy_ChaRLes said...

yup yup already done... if your boring why don't you start studying instead of going to play badminton, online late late and watch movies... :p

-yeemun- said...

ur very worried of my studies huh?hehe i'll study wan la! u dunno ni..lolz