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Monday, March 5, 2007

CNY Open House 2007

Well the second post, minus as well get all the stuff written down
before I lose steam..

I held my 3rd Chinese New Year open h
ouse last saturday on
Chor Sap Sei ( the 14th day of CNY where the number 1 sounds
like must and the number 4 sounds like die and together we have
must die) which didn't really soundgood but I was hoping that the
western date of 3rd of March (where the number 3 in cantonese
sounds like live) will hopefully neutralise it somewhat... :)

It took many days of preparation from the initial guest list of 53
people to the actual 40+ people who
actually came on that day.
The estimation of amount of food also had to be adjusted accordingly
Thanks a lot to my aunts and parents who helped in getting the
raw ingredients and necessary cooking.

On that day itself it rained heavily c
ausing logistical problems for me
as I had to shift 50+ chairs and necessary items to my aunt's condo
(I rented my aunt's condo hall) with just a kancil and a mazda 626.
I took one trip while my dad took at least 4 trips to get all the stuff
and food to the hall. Most of my friends got lost and i spent most of
my time giving them directions instea
d of helping set up stuff...

All in all everything went smoothly thought the satay guy delivered
the satay quite late. A few guys were thrown into the pool while
Ms. Marilyn (my accounts lecturer), raising eyebrows by thrashing
a few of the guys at table tennis. Som
e of the Man U and Liverpool
fans watched the game at Nora's house while the rest just mingled

The bonus of the having the open house was in re-establishing
contacts with my primary school friends after so many years,
its suprising to see so many old friends but I didn't really have
time to catch up with them as I was busy running around ensuring
food and drinks were sufficient but hopef
ully with all the contacts
collected I can have a primary school gathering in the distant future.

My College Friends

The open house ended at 11pm while my college friends went
to Alex's house to gamble and my primary school friends went to
Leisure Mall Wong Kok to continue catching up. After shifting all the
stuff back to my house I went to LM Wong Kok till 1 before heading
on to Alex's house... Unfortunately I didn't feel like gambling for money
and most of the guys were playing mahjong which I didn't have a clue
as to how it is played. I was suprised that Yee Mun was very good
at zhi mo and she was given the nick name Zhi Mo Queen...lolz....

Due to the boredom I offered to fetch some of the girls back to
Damansara luckily with Choon Weng's help I didn't run the risk
of getting pulled over for overloading my kancil with 5 girls.
I dropped Karyne at Damansara Jaya and Pei Kuan and Amy
at Damansara Perdana.... took me almost an hour before reaching
OUG. I called Alfred and Jeffrey to yamcha at Stevens' and finnaly
reached home at 5.30am.

Hopefully I'll be able to have some more open houses in the future

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designteamh said...

WTF!!!!!!!!???Why i have no clue at all that you are having Chap GOh Mei party for 3 consecutive years and wasnt invited to any one of them??!! This is Unfair!! I dont care next yr u will expect an extra person of me whether invited or uninvited.