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Monday, March 12, 2007

What's behind an official appology??

Well I'm sure that most of you has heard about the latest
development in Japan where it's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
has questioned the extent of its appology known as the
"Kono Statement" where the then Chief Cabinet Secretary
issued an appology to the so called "comfort women" who
were actually forced to act as wartime sex slaves as
the then Japanese Government wanted to curb the raping
of girls by the soldiers which caused local opposition.
So military brothels were established and girls were
forced to work in there rather then what the Japanese
claim that they work there voluntarily.

Japan's Prime Minister,
Shinzo Abe

The main issue is that why does the Prime Minister
wants to change Japan's official stand on that matter?
Is it to gain support from the Japanese people who has
been losing confidence in him? No one but he and his
political aides will know. Japan has been accused
by several parties including China and South Korea of
falsifying its actions during World War 2 denying the
attrocities its soldiers committed when occupying
foreigh countries.

I have been to Japan last summer and I feel that the
modern Japanese community do not really care much
about denying the attrocities commited during WW2.
They understand that things has been commited which
their government has swept under the rug. They no
longer care whether who was right and who was wrong.
When the US dropped two atom boms into Japan what
mattered was the devastation and lost of lives. I
have visited the Hiroshima Memorial Centre during
my stay in Japan and what I saw nearly made my
tears flow freely ( I had to really make an effort
to hold my tears back twice) The pain and suffering
the Japanese endured make me feel sorry for them
as there was a difference between those who FOUGHT
in the war and those who were TRAPPED in the war.

A Model of Hiroshima City before the A-Bomb

Model of Hiroshima City after the A-bomb landed
(Only 8 building survived, while 3 remain standing
today as a reminder to everyone of the devastation
wrought by the A-bomb)

In my opinion appologies should be made for past
actions and all matters should be put to rest.
There should not be anymore political fighting
over who was right and who was wrong. In the end
when push comes to shove its the citizens who

Children's Peace Monument

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