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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Some random pics from Joe's and Gary's Birthday

Since I'm waiting for AVG to download a big update and
the connection speed is suprisingly fast.. I decided to upload
a few more pictures from Joe and Gary's Birthday at Poppy:

Gary and Joe having an exchange of drinks
that will send them to heavenly bliss...notice
Noah as God pushing them on...

Joe getting the "Kiss of Death" from Noah aka God

Alfred hiding, Gary looking cool, Jeffrey drunk,
Ah Kit the charming, Pik Wah the smiling and noah the
what are u guys doing look....

Alfred "the hand", Jeffrey "the blur", Gary "the finger",
Pik Wah "the toungue",
Noah "no eye see" and
Pei Yin "the smile"

Joe, Weng Fong, Gary & Noah

Gary when's he's already high standing on the
sofa... this is what we call "self-blow"

Me and Pei Yin with Joe doing a Marilyn Monroe
pose behind...

Pik Wah, Lyn, Nigel and Joe
The girls look like they are more interested in
their drinks then the camera :p

Yee Mun, Lyn and ME..

Due to cameraman's fault the pic
of Me, Yee Mun, Lyn and Pik Wah
became only me and Yee Mun...

Alfred, Me, Gary, Jeffrey and Yee Mun

Alfred pushing Gary out of the way while
we took pictures with Pik Wah, Lyn and Yee Mun


catsndogs said...

waaaa... u seems look damn high when the gal peiyin ..sitting beside or on top u ?? wahahahhaa

Lim said...

lol ... yup he looks high !!! well its not his fault though ... as peiyin, one of the hottest in his college... so, its really normal for a guy to have that kind of flying high look, dont u think so?

catsndogs said...

ahh .... lucky boy ne ,charles San :D.
no wonder didnt call me out everytime out drinking session la.. so bad.. :P

sLeEPy_ChaRLes said...

sorry didn't know you older group of guys can stay up so late... next time i'll call ya....