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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Joe and Gary's Birthday Celebration at Poppy..

Sorry for the week long break I took from blogging as I
was kind of lost last week and had absolutely no idea
on what to blog on... But here I am back in action...

We celebrated Joe and Gary's Birthday at Poppy's
last friday as exams were near and we needed to clear
the partying soon and be really sober for exams.. :)
The even was actually organised by Noah and I was
just helping to organise.. really nice to take a back seat
to organising stuff and let someone take over the
burden for a while.. In fact, Noah will also be the main
organiser for our Lang Tengah Trip after our Finals.. :D

Well back to the original topic... It was my first time down
to Poppy's and it was a great place to go clubbing though
the open air concept would be quite hot and stuffy if the
weather was humid... Luckily Noah who know's people for
clubbing places got us a table in the far end of Poppy which
was air-conditioned and the was where the live band
jammed and it was quite a cool place to hang out in...
It was also the first time you can get people in the club just
by mentioning the words "Noah's Table" ;)

We opened a total of 7 bottle that night and needless to say
there was a lot of drunkards at the end of the night... Most
of us arrived around 11pm and by that time almost 4 bottles
of Dewars had been finished... They opened off the night
by forcing Joe and Gary to blow the bottle for as long as
the accumulated time all the girls present could blow the
bottle... Ended up Joe and Gary had to blow the bottle for
19 seconds... what a way to start the night.. In fact by the
time Ernest arrived at 12pm the 5th bottle was already almost
finished...Wahahaha..... serves u late for not being on time.. :p

Lot of funny things happened through out the night... A brief
summary of stuff which happened is:

Joe was KO'ed within the first few hours and vomitted into
the ice bucket...

Cave transferred alcohol mouth to mouth to Ernest TWICE!!!

Cave got molested by someone who we don't know...whether
it was a gay or a ah kua we'll never know...

Gary was drunk but in the loud hyperactive kind of way...which
was kinda annoying as I had to babysit him...

Gary jumped on the sofa shouting for a 'graveyard' so that he
could be KO'ed

Pik Wah and Alfred melted ice by holding each other's hands...
(New tactic according to Ernest...bring the ice buckets)

Jia Wei was sober the whole night as he brought Yvonne along..

Cave drank a cup full of I don't know what..

Joe and Gary got their birthday kisses

Jeffrey got drunk the first time since his birthday last year where
he drank a flaming and two graveyards... was talking nonsense
in a high pitch voice and cursing here and there... appologised
for his actions later on...Motion passed by me and Alfred that
Jeffrey could never ever touch alcohol and should remain the
driver for the rest of our clubbing outings...

Gary approached and sucessfully brought two girls over to our
table but his finishing was not good enough...
(Ernest called for Gary to be dragged out and be be-headed...)

Yee Mun was missing for a while (she was actually dancing with
Nigel) Noah called her hp and Choon Weng picked up causing
Noah to ask "Who the F**k is this?!!!) wahahaha Noah's just
being protective...

I didn't do much that night was sober enough to drive Jeffrey's
car back to Sri Petaling and then Alfred's car back to Midah.
Spent most of the nite taking photos and also babysitting Gary.

As I'm using a dial up connection to the internet, those who are
looking for pics can visit Yee Mun's blog for them at:

Well that's about all I think I have to say so till the next time..


Jeffrey said...

all my false!

Jeffrey said...

all my false!!