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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Caught in the middle....

I'm sure those that have come to know me pretty well enough or
do often hang out with me realise, I'm one of those unfortunate
souls who do not have their own means of transport i.e. a car....
Therefore everywhere I go, I have to depend on people giving me
a lift or our own wonderful Malaysian public transpot... RapidKL...
Generally to even go somewhere, I will need either my dad or my
aunt to give me a ride to the nearby LRT Station and same goes
when I'm coming home too...

On typical after college outings, my friends normally drop me off
at the Kelana Jaya Lrt Station. From there I need to take a 30mins
LRT ride to Masjid Jamek before changing over to STAR LRT for
another 15mins ride before waiting for either my dad or my aunt to
pick me up. That is one of the reasons I do not like to go home too
late as I feel that I'm troubling my dad or my aunt to ask them to
wait till 8.30pm or 9.30pm to come and pick me up from the lrt.

As those of me who are close to me know, my parents are quite
strict with me... I do not go out at night on weekdays except for
really good reasons and normally do not return home late at night.
Especially when I have been out for the whole day since morning..
You see, the two bathroom's with heaters for taking baths are in
my grandmother's room and parents room who normally by
10 or 10.30pm are already preparing to sleep. I do not like to
use their bathroom at that time..coz I may wake them up or
disturb their sleep..and I don't think I can get through the day
without taking a bath... :p therefore I never really go home
too late and always try to be home before 10pm if I have been
out the whole day...

Here come's my delimma... When you have to depend on your
friends to give you a ride to the nearest lrt station, you will end
up being caught in the middle and torn up by guilt.. You see a
typical situation was what happened today...

I had exams at 9am so I woke up at 6am and left my house at
6.30am for the lrt station. After my exams, I went to look for
Joe at Hock Lee's where we then went to waste our time at
Netmaster for an hour while waiting for Yee Mun and then
headed to 1U to catch a movie with Noah and Weng Fong. After
the movie I was hungry as it was already 4.30pm and my last
meal was at 10.45am. So we went to a mamak called Mohsin
in TTDI. After the mamak they went to join the rest of the
group who were meeting in TTDI to try out a supposedly
famous place for burgers... Though I had earlier eaten a nasi
goreng kampung, I wanted to try the burger too so I did not
raise any protest as the 5 of us headed over there... we met
up with Kenneth, Alex, Jia Wei, Ernest, Kevin and there was
a total of 10 guys there....

After the meal, what I had expected came through, the guys
wanted to takei at Netmaster... Now let's be realistic, it was
already 7pm and they would usually takei until 10pm the
earliest or the wee hours in the morning at the latest... As
usual everyone looked at me and I had to raise the fact that
I needed a ride to the LRT station and couldn't join the guys.
Honestly I realy wanted to join the guys to takei but I could
not as I would be home late which would not be acceptable to
my parents... I was then made fun of as usual and was
subjected to the guilt treatment (as in they won't drop me off
at the station or I was anti-social as in causing them to less
one takei kaki) I have always been made fun of due to the
inability to stay out late and been played the guilt card several
times... but can't they see... I really have no choice... eventhough
these always happen I still feel guilty and pain everytime...
Who wants to be made fun of due to their lack of transport and
the need to go home early??? It may seem funny to you guys
but I really do not find anything funny in it...

I'm not mad or anything cause it really is a fact that I can't go
home late and that I don't have my own means of transport...
but I'm sad that those who are my friends, who have their own
transports and do not have curfews... are not understanding
enough of my unfortunate situation... who use this as a way
to make fun of me and also make me feel guilty as in I'm
ruining their fun by going home early... I have my own feelings
too... I may be laughing with you guys while you make fun of
me but deep down I'm torn by the want to have fun with you
guys and also the fact that I need to be home...

This is not an isolated incident, I get this a lot too when going
out with my secondary school friends and other group of friends.
It so happens that I was with my college group of friends today
and it really struck a raw nerve with me that I feel I need to
get this off my chest by blogging about it and used today as
a actual incident.


weng said...

Let me continue your blog since i damn 7 free here... The sentence i learned after i out from comfort zone is that this > "The World Is Cruel" . To let you understand what is comfort zone define as ?= out of the pamper area of parents/relative, where you have to survive everything by ur own especially finiance.

NO DOUBT that everyone agree the world is cruel especially those blogger around. 70-80% defining something hurting them, something make fun of them, something teasing, bullying, bla bla and bla bla..include my blog 2.

Ya, when you know the fact and you have no choice to avoid it, why dont just accept it. What i saying here is regarding the fact the the ppl around us, the environment around us,
*stupid charles, dont use the line to shoot me back k! I know you going to apply on something else!

Change your point of view, look the other side of everything, you have one bunch of active and playful gang, how jealous i am! Ha... Beside you definitely have your day. Just countdown to it!

Freedom of JUNE onwards!!! cheer up mate!!! Dont forget the Midah Counselling Club is still active!!

designteamh said...

DID i hear MIDAH counselling club??
oh dear that really reminds me of things happening ages ago. What brought us now to where we are is truly remarkable. Hell why not enjoy of your day, leave unconstructive comments behind, and its another new day. Ignorance is bliss by all means!! Keep the MIDAH counselling active!!!

(hey i can sell u my 6291 if you are interested, just make sure u come and pick me up when i m back)