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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday.... 8 days to Finals!!!

I went to college today to renew my books (which I've
been hogging like for almost half the year already).
Studied despite the comfortable weather which made me
miss my bed so much... :( In the afternoon got dragged
by Ernest and ended up in DJ Netmaster and takei till
6pm before having dinner next door.

We then went to the A & W in Taman Jaya to study... for
once I followed the guys as there was a LRT station
nearby and I could leave on myself... Reached there and
started work at 7pm studied till 9pm before leaving for
home... The guys continued staying on most probably till
12am or something.. Ernest was even joking saying that
they'll head down to Klang to get bak kut teh at 4am...

The guys all serious and stuff... how often do u see them like this??

The funny thing about the A & W there was there was a lot
of houseflies hovering around... Don't understand how a
fast food restaurant can have so unhygienic... :(
Ernest who was quite distracted tried to catch the
housefly a few times and managed to catch one in the end
hence the pic below...

Ernest with his "Gotcha Pose" he showed the true action for the
Chinese Saying "Pak Wu Ying"


Anonymous said...

good luck for your exam.....

(we met before.....i'm considered as your coursemate gua......u ask ernest if u dont know who i am lah.....)

wat happened 2 that ernest? "pak woo ying"......juz met him 2days ago during the OT exam....

Hengster said...

all your friends sama gang one... "never leave home without your earphones"!

sLeEPy_ChaRLes said...

Hey Daniel...

Sure I know who you are...
Just suprise that you found my blog
I don't exactly have you on my friendster or msn... ;)

Ernest was most probably high from
the root beer and float... you never know what makes you

Good Luck in your exams too man...

sLeEPy_ChaRLes said...

Yo Robert,

What to do the new generation thrives on music to keep the world turning...


catsndogs said...

mayb that why robert don wanna left out.. n bought himself one small tiny head phone too..