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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tat Men's Washing of Dust.... (Chinese Direct Translation)

It was on last Saturday nite that my old secondary school
buddy Tat Men threw a clubbing outing and sponsored it fully.
4 bottles of Chivas and an apartment above Coffee Bean. He
sponsored 300 GBP for that nite... and it was like a coming
home of sorts... He was the fastest among my secondary school
buddies to get a Degree in Civil Engineering, a Master of
Science and is now working in the UK, Nottingham (Derby)
to be exact.. (Happy now Tat??)

Next month when my exams are over, anotehr of my secondary
school friend, Stan Wong will be coming back for a holiday..
Yo... bro if ur reading this blog i'll be expecting you
to outdo Tat Men since it's ur Birthday
bring enough Aussies with ya....lolz

Here are some pics of what happened that nite at Poppy's
unfortunately Tat Men wasn't in the photo...

Me and Yee Mun

Jeffrey with his hypnotizing light...wahahaha

Choon Weng, Sze Lynn & Kenny

The Newest Couple from S.A.D: Alfred and Jessycca

The traffic pile up beneath the apartment...
Waited till 4.30am b4 it cleared...


tatmen said...

Wei charles, Nottingham (or Derby) la not Newcastle. still drunk ka?

Anonymous said...

hey man....hv u finish ur exam???

I've actually completed it long time ago.....remember the day u hv FR and i was there, rite? Dat day was my last day......

busy in packing up stuff and move back to my hometown for's great to know u as "blogging friends"

i do hv a blog. Feel free to log on to:

good luck, buddy....